How Do I Lose My Virginity Without Pain?

Hello I am ready to lose My virginity and my boyfriend tried it with me but it hurt so impossible I had to stop I heard in the order of lubricants do they really work and is there anything that can help the twinge
Booze. And hold onto your chastity as long as humanly possible.
lubricants work, but honestly, if you want no throbbing, become a boy. they get all the pleasure until you're loosened up enuf.
Honey pain is apt. Have a great time and get some lube.
Hey i lost mine when i be at a young age . I'm not sure how old you are but it depends on your body if it will hurt more or smaller quantity. Take it slow and if you can't handle the pain ask your boyfriend to stop until ur prepared
That would be impossible.. It will hurt
play next to your self.
Actually if you're really turned on and wet it shouldn't hurt...have him play beside you or you play with you, so you're not so tense. Relax..have sex isn't torture, unless you don't like the guy, then it's rape if he make you do it.
Well, before I lost my virginity, my ob/gyn told me to try using tampons instead of pads to sort of "prep the nouns!" I did it, but unfortunately, it didn't help at adjectives. The pain was pretty desperate. I'm not saying this to scare you; it really be bad. On the positive side, I had a especially small cervix and I had more pain than most women. Also, some women expericne immensely little or no pain. As with everything else, it merely depends on your body. If it's going to happen, it'll happen. So no sense worrying yourself beforehand. Deal beside it when it happens b/c there's nothing you can do nearly it. Another good news: It last maybe 30 seconds or so. And most of the feminine population goes through it and lives to tell more or less it. So it's really not traumatizing. Childbirth, on the otherhand..!
sleep with a guy with a small penis.

Yes, lubricants will facilitate. Also lots of foreplay. Use toys/fingers before you get to that point while you're on your own to bring used to the feeling. It won't always hurt, I promise.
Take it real slow and and if it hurts stop. There are other ways to get bad without penetration, and if your bf loves u, he will respect that you may stipulation to take some time.
Ask him to be really gentle next to you, and only do it if you feel protected and trust him.
hope this helps.
you will be sorry, but it will probably hurt no matter what you do
You will be disobeying God if you do this. God blesses those
that obey Him and curses those that disobey Him. Source(s): Holy Bible

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