How do i relieve a headache when tylenol does not work?

It started in the am and I tried a hot shower, excedrin migraine and ibuprophen 800 mgs. no results. Pain starts from back of the décolletage and goes up to front of forehead.
I obtain migraines all the time. Try a cold rag on your head/neck and lay surrounded by a dark, quiet room. Also may want to find your blood pressure checked. High blood pressure can cause headaches too. I hope you have a feeling better soon!
Well, I take goody powders and drink me a clear soda.
drink something beside caffine
try a hot pad on your upper back...those muscles entail to relax
Gatorade, no ploy, buy whatever flavor you like, drink at least possible one glass worth and I assure you your headache will be gone in no time.
I would budge to CVS or whatever pharmacy that you have contiguous

and get vioxx, celebrex, - one of these that is sold over the counter immediately, it sounds like a tension headache from stress,

Medication i.e. usually used for Arthritis, is the BEST at curing stress headaches.

As a former single mom , I would know!!

if your eyes are sensitive to light, and your feeler is running then its a cold or virus,

make sure the mucus is still washed out and not green or brown, because that is a sinus infection,

if your ears are hurting aswell then it could be an ear infection, or crazy ample a dental issue

so good luck,


Email me or update with extra info if you realize there is more,

Feel better, OH and I am sure you know but OJ is good too , it hydrates, give the vitamin C, and the added sugar can sometimes kickstart your sytem.but its expensive now days..
Maybe you should try visiting your towns chiropracter. I know that I've suffered from lots hedaches that nothing could help, but she have realigned my neck/back and made my headache go away. Sorry for your pain.
Hmmm... could be a tension headache and i've heard those are HARD to capture rid of...I really don't know much about should talk to your doctor.

However, if you transport pain relievers frequently, it could just be that they aren't working anymore. I know from experience that the more ibuprofen you purloin, the more headaches you get and the worse they's a vicious cycle. You hold to learn not to depend on it, which means dealing beside a few headaches on your own. Also, 800 mg is A LOT of ibuprofen, you should not take that much again unless your Dr. recommend it.

FYI: Tylenol is not ibuprofen...tylenol has if you didn't take Tylenol, but you took ibuprofen, you could try the Tylenol...or if you really took Tylenol, but not ibuprofen, you could appropriate the ibuprofen. For me, Tylenol NEVER works on a headache, but Advil works every time. :-)
Well if it's in your forehead, you could try doing sort of like a polish on your forehead. What you basically do is use one of your hands, place them on your forehead (with your thumb on one side of the forehead going horizontally, and the other four on the other side) and verbs your hands together. I've done this many times and it works. Source(s): The show "Survivor"
I suffer from terrifically bad migraines - often in attendance is nothing that helps. The solitary thing that helps me sometimes is to transport a combination of pills. Take 2 fast acting tylenol and another 2 of the 8 hour tylenol. I find that caffeine just make it worse, and it is a migraine trigger so stay away from it. Advil tends to work better, but it gives me stomach ache. After the tylenol, it helps to try and nap for a touch while.
sounds like its a migraine and deplorably nothing usualy works on my migraines but there is supposed to be some realy moral drugs your dr could prescribe.. however for a regular headache I take two tylenol, three regular aspirin and two aleve all at like peas in a pod time but i wouldn't recommend that to anyone else however you should try Aleve or Motrin if Tylenol isn't working..
Aleve is extremely good at relieving headaches.
It sounds like a migraine. Talk to your doctor. In the mean time give somebody a lift extra strength Excedrin. It really works.
How in the order of Advil, or Motrin for a tension headache? Take a look at the tips on the link paste below (I'll spare you the lengthy copy & paste). Source(s):…
Smash your thumb with a hammer. Treat stomach-ache with pain.
my fiance gets discouraging headaches like this and she uses excedrin, ibuprophen also. and if that dont work she have this pepperment oil that she smells that help relieve the spasm.
For migraines, Excedrin Migraine really works. But if you own a sinus headache, it may not go away with regular painkillers (Aleve, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol etc.). Instead, try one of the painkillers specifically formulated for sinus headache.

I really approaching Aleve Sinus Headache (not Aleve Cold and Sinus) but it's hard to find. Tylenol Sinus Headache might work as well.
Could be dehydration. Drink more river!
Sounds like a stress headache. Get the heating wad out, drap across your neck and shoulders. Also, rub the back of your leader where the head and nouns connect...when you hit the right spot, you will feel the muscles relax immediately. Rub your forehead and temple in a circular motion, you'll start to feel things restful down. Do not mix Excedrin and Ibuprofen....really bad for the digestive system, could cause bleeding. The Ibuprophen would be your best bet.
I normally take a powernap..when I awake my headache is gone.
Try taking your pain med with a gravol (dimenhyrdinate) or bonamine both can be purchased at the pharmacy. I find that mixing the two give support to me with migraine. I also use an ice pack and put it on the pay for of my neck, wrapped in a cloth unsurprisingly. If this doesn't help i put the cool pack on my forehead or my temples. I run to bed turn out lights, no sound and go to sleep. If I found out one item is you can't fight a headache and win. I have bookish to give up and go to bed.
there is a possiblity that you are have a migraine - that needs special medication - see your doctor Source(s): neice with migraines
It sounds like a tension headache. try rime to the neck area, and a stroke or acupressure, apply pressure in between your eyes. If it is severe you should go to the doctor, it could be time threatening.

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