Is ibuprofen same over the counter as the doctor prescribes?

The doctor will usually prescribe 800 milligram capsule of ibuprofen. The over the counter ibuprofen is 200 milligrams per capsule. By taking four of them it equals the prescription given by the doctor.
It is the same drug, but may be at different doses. It is sometimes sold under the brand label Brufen. Source(s): I used to work in a clinical role in a hospital.
Yes it is the same entry. The difference is that prescriptions can contain higher doses instead of 200 mg that is the max over the counter per pill they can make available you 800mg in one pill. So instead of taking 4 regular Ibuprofen you take 1 dignified dose pill. My doc said just take 4 because it is cheaper to buy over the counter usually than paying for a prescription.
Yes it's the same. But a doctor can prescribe a better dose than the OTC form.
Just like peas in a pod stuff.

Unless the doc is prescribing large amounts at a time, or you've got a pre-payment or exemption permit for prescriptions, you're probably cheaper just buying it off the chemist.
Same thing. A doctor can prescribe larger doses. When I didn't hold insurance, my doctor told me I could take 4-200 mg ibuprofen and it would work the same as the 800 mg he prescribed.
Same stuff, but the doctor can prescribe bigger doses.

You can buy Ibuprofen over the counter and from supermarkets they are usually between 200mgs and 400mgs.

The doctor may prescribe you near the higher dose which my mums been prescribed. These are 600mgs. You can ONLY bring back this higher dose from the doctor. Source(s): Hope this helps
My sister is an RN, and she say it is the same.
Usually what the doctor perscribes is a much complex dose of ibuprofen. Only take ithe higher dose t if the doctor perscribes it for you - it's unyielding on your liver.
check the strength of them. normally perscription ones will be stronger
It's just the same. Usually the dose that the doc will perscribe is 800 mg. Well, most over the counter ibuprofen is 200 mg. That routine that you can take up to 4 at a time, but only 4 times within a 24 hour period and not for several weeks or anything. Make sure to have a bit of milk or at lowest a few crackers on your tum, before taking it. Even if you don't "feel" an upset belly after taking it, it still can cause alot of smash up to your stomach lining over time.
So, go procure the cheap stuff, have a bite , and feel better!
lone difference is the strength and amount, a doctor can prescribe stronger tablets and also more of them. chemists are limited to how many they can go u because they have to take within account people who buy tablets to commit suicide.
Depends on the Milligrams if it is 800 mg consequently you can take over the counter just check the mg's first.
yes same stuff but instead of taking 4 pills to achieve your amount you take one of the 800 instead. But remember alot of meds will start hurting your liver if you take to long they dont 'tell you that.
I was prescribed Ibruprofen Retard these are very strong not available over the counter
Its the same drug but available as 200mg and 400mg over the counter. Strengths up to 800mg are available on prescription. Maximum over the counter dose is 1200mg daily, but near doctors advice the maximum daily dose is 2400mg. Always remember to appropriate after food as it can be irritant to stomach - and no more than 800mg in one dose. Source(s): work as a pharmacist
yes its the same,use paracetomol first instead as ibuprofen can cause stomach problems with prolonged use,such as ulcer and reflux.
Prescription is stronger
The merely difference is likely to be Dosage! The prescription drug could be stronger.
If you are looking to save money on prescription Charges afterwards OTC will be cheaper even if you have to take more tablets to win the right dose!

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