I'm constipated? What to do?

I d'know, but I'm having a bit of a strain to use the toilet. I have a sensation the poop got "compacted" and is too wide around to (comfortably) fit through my hole. I tried taking a few squares of laxative , it made my stomach touch a bit bubbly, but not what I expected. Ain't got no enemas, got some off-brand metamucil though. I tried that, didn't really comfort. I'm desperate! I go to Six Flags tomorrow, got to poop tonight, can't turn to the store! Anything that'll loosen/soften/completely make my poop watery?
drink hot milk or hot tea...lately drink anything hot and possibly with caffeine since you can't go to the freaking store. it will work similar to a charm. get some gloves and manually disimpact your crap if nothing else works. or dawdle, maybe going on the roller coasters will bring the $hit out of you. LOL.
drink some passionfruit juice, it will do wonders for your bowel movements
eat bran cereal,Take a hot shower when artificial. Also drink cranberry and prune juice, lots of fruit and for some, avoid bananas. Apple juice may also work,Drink a tablespoon of corn syrup contained by a cup of water,Eat more fruit such as prunes, pears, grapes, orange liquid, and papaya,Drink a warm cup of coffe to help beside constipation. This is about all I can feel of! Hope you get better! )
Do you enjoy any prunes, chili/ pork & beans around the house try that ?
Supposedly salt hose is a pretty good laxative. I wouldn't drink more than a glass or two though.

Or you could do what accountants do. That's work it out next to a pencil.
drink LOTS and LOTS of fluids and from now on, chomp through lots of fruits and vegtables. thats probably why ur constipated.
drink seriously of water... the stool is like.too concrete u know? u might be deyhdrated, so it's not soft like it should be. sometimes coffee can work...also, try exercising. that might stimulate your bowels

also, try eating some fruits, and anything w/ fiber...i suggest some type of Metamucil powder that u can put into red juice and drink daily....

well-mannered luck
Go get the sugar free Russell Stover breakfast bars. Eat 2 of them. They are right and they work in about 2 hrs!
Are you on any liberal of pain medication? that is what kill me.
Drink lots of water and put away anything around full of fibre!
Try prune juice (yuck) or apple juice.
I will sometimes guzzle hot salsa and that does the trick.
Have you tried stretching exercises?
Don't push too hard or you'll get hemorroids from the straining and pushing. Those can be tender!
get through something with a lot of fiber surrounded by it
if it's bad satisfactory go see a Doctor
Try relaxing and appropriate a warm bath.
I eat cereal intil I grain its soft or I just make my self perceive nervous and someway that normally works
Drink hot decaf-coffee or tea. Hot drinks usually help people within that area. ;)
an enema like 2 bucks at walmart
drink coffee that helps and a cigarette. or try some exercise. Good luck its a terrible opinion. The laxatives should work but they take time.
drink at least a glass of hose down every hour. milk + mango makes me go to the toilet legitimate quick. oatbran + milk cleans your bowels. take a pace, it helps to move your bowels.
try asking the chemist for coloxyl, it's a stool softener.
Also drink lots of water... that'll lend a hand soften you up
Run to the store and get some natural sweetened prune liquid,
its not the best tasting thing, but it works inside 5 to 15 minutes, and you'll be clear, before your trip, good luck!

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