Can I break Morphine Sulfate 100mg Extended Release tablets surrounded by partly?

I've been prescribed Morphine Sulfate 100mg Extended release tablets for pain associated near cancer.
I was previously on (2) 40mg Oxycontin per day but when the aching started getting worse I began to break the pills in peices to receive immediate releif for breakthru pain.
I be prescribed morphine injections for the breakthru pain but refused to inject medication - Last thing i want is that kinda tolernce to morphine if I am blessed enough to bring in it thru the cancer.
Is 100mg ER Morphine like OxyContin where if it is broken into peices it releases at once?? Ive already read on the site that people who have a toleance to 40-80mg's or Oxycodone per year should be prescribed 100-120 mg's of morphine ER which is exactly what my doctor prescribed.
I also know that Oxycontin is Controlled Release and not Extended release. is the difference in the two the wax imbedded in the medication that prevents it from being released immediately?
I Dont want to hold to inject meds!
Danger, Danger, Danger. Doing that causes to remove the controlled release. You can die...yes! die doing that. Not to mention that if your Dr. finds out I suspect he will drop you.
My friend, if you want to die afterwards you go right ahead. However, if it is not strong enough for you dull pain, talk to your Dr.
I also think you basically might be trying to get high. But that's on you. I consistency your pain
NEVER break an extended or controlled release pill in partly! You could kill yourself.
I am sorry for your pain>My prayers are with you that you don't want the injections and that you will get well . Most EX pills if you cut them contained by half it is like taking the regular medican . You break the EX cog or layers and some times it can make you sicker instead . They told me not to,too but i did break them surrounded by half . But I would call your DR. or pharmacy to ask for sure. It might tender to two much or not enough?? Good luck prayer are with you.
You can break any pill in partly if you want to. (As long as it isn't a capsule...) I wish you the best of luck near your struggle. I also wouldn't worry about getting addicted, you only need to control your pain. Oxycontin is newly as addictive as Morphine, anyways. They are both a form of Heroin basically. You were prescribed these because they are the best pain-killers. If you lower your dosage and are not contained by a lot of pain, try to procure switched to Percoset, Vicodin, or something like that that is smaller number addictive. However, all pain pills are significantly addictive anyways.Let me know if you have any other questions. I am currently controlling my Grandmother's aching medication, she is in 3rd stage lung cancer. She is doing very in good health, though! We are also hoping she can survive this. Good luck.
Yes. There are pill cutters and you can even bite a piece off. ~
Check on HOW the extended release works on these.
It is VERY dangerous to break any extended release tablet. It defeat the mechanism of distribution. Please don't. As far as addiction, the last entity that a doctor generally worries about contained by a patient with spasm associated with cancer, is addiction. The important entry is to provide palliative care to keep the lenient comfortable and reduce anxiety.
My heart goes out to you as I live with someone who have unremitting pain. The purpose of extended release tablets is for pain regulation, that is maintaining the backache at a bearable level. My husband takes slow release Morphine and have short acting morphine tablets for break-through pain. Oxycontin did not work for him. I don't think you will be more tolerant to injected meds but probably you don't like needles. Whatever you do, work with your doctor for nouns right now: the future is another step to be taken then. Have you been involved with a throbbing management clinic or specialist? Best of luck Source(s): Personal experience
yes you can, my friend is perscribed morphine and he does.

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