Why Does my Upper thigh hurt?

My upper left thigh hurts. If you take your appendage an place it on the upper side of your thigh and feel for the bone and you tense your thigh muscles it hurts at the back the bone (On the inside) and spreads a little bit over to the top of the thigh. It's been hurting for while very soon. When I lie down on my back straight and exhale it hurts. It's not similar to an intense pain but it's like a weighty inner pain. I've been to my doctor, but he said nil... just an x-ray and nothing. How can I make well it faster?! I play soccer and track so I absolutely need it to achieve better.

:) Thank YOU!
You probably pulled a muscle. If it feel very very sore than you probably tore a muscle and if it simply hurts but u can still sorta walk you just pulled something.( if the backache is less severe) Anyway try icing it but don't leave the rime on to for to long or it might num your leg up to much. (happened to me before) try icing it for a small period of time like 10-15 minutes consequently take the ice past its sell-by date for a while then put it back on. But try not to over exert yourself and don't rime it for like hous at a time. Anyway I hope it gets better soon. Source(s): Injuries within the past and a little adjectives sense
Try straightening it out, take a break from sports.
Also try stretching a little more.
When it feel better get active again.
If a DOCTOR doesn't know, do you think a bunch of 13year olds on the internet will come up with a artifice solution?
Go read a book or something you idiot

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