Why do i hear crackling when i breath?

Ive been sick for 6 days and i went to the doctor on the 3rd afternoon and yesterday. I feel much better today im eating seriously more and have more energy. They listen to my lungs and said they heard nothing out of boring, and the doc that i went to yesterday even said he thought i didn't have pneumonia of late a virus. I've had pneumonia before and i dont perceive anything like it. on the first day i threw up resembling 6 times but i never did again. Ive had a fever rotten and on up to 103 and ive been drinking a lot of dampen. im also a type 1 diabetic and my ketones have gone up to small and my blood sugars have be from 100 to 350. but now they are in the lower 100's and my ketones are gone. i enjoy been coughing but not too much, and i had a headache and a fruitless sore throat. i was tested for strep and the flu but both were glum. and the doc said i could have mono and that i should be taken back within in a few days if i didn't feel better. but adjectives of these symptoms are gone now except for a little cough here and nearby, and i hear a crackling sound when i breath with my mouth clear when i exhale. and when i put my hand over my ears with my mouth closed i can one and only hear it a little bit. i noticed this a couple hours after i go to the doc yesterday. is it something to worry about?
The crackling nouns means your lungs are wheezy. Source(s): Asthma
What you are describing is the symptom of rales. It's not necessarily connected to the diabetes. Your doctor is more likely to know how to hear it if you are in a supine position when he listens to your lungs. Source(s): http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/…

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