I Think I Have Burned My Esophagus?

I was eating extremely hot tofu, which was taken out of boiling water, and ate it, but it slipped and go pass my throat. I then rushed to my kitchen, getting a drink. I took a big gulp of milk and feel fine. After that, I went back to the dinner table to finish my collation. And every time I swallow something warm, I feel that burning aching in my esophagus. So, I need to give somebody a lift a sip of cool water every couple of minutes.
Is there a bearing that I can heal this burn without any medication?

Should I not worry about it and agree to it heal?

Right now, I am breathing properly and my voice have not been changed yet. Just distress in my esophagus.
Injuries of the mucosa heal much faster than external ones, so I wouldn't verbs about it. Keep sipping ice river. Maybe some ice cream and frozen yogurt will feel pious. Stick to soft foods as long as you're feeling pain. Source(s): RN
It is probably freshly a minor burn in your esophagus. This has happen to me before too. Just try not to eat anything completely hot for a few days and let it heal. It should shift away on its own. If your pain gets worse or it doesn't run away, be sure to see your doctor. Source(s): Doctor of Physical Therapy student

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