Why is my body so sore when I wake up up contained by the morning?

I am out of shape i do not exercise regularly but I go to sleep and wake up up in the morning and my body is sore... but I mainly quality it in my arms... is it because i need to work out more or is here something wrong with me?? im only 23 i turn 24 this summer... are those only aches and pains because i am getting older?? I dont know what to do its exceptionally annoying takes me a while to get out of bed...
im like this every morning, but i estimate its because i have a crappy mattress. Its never good on your body to be out of condition, but maybe its just the agency your sleeping. Source(s): my crappy mattress
first thing i would recommend is to see a doctor.

Next, stop worrying. Googling symptoms will drive you insane!
Yes. As you carry older you will feel more pains and ache than ever before.
I am turing 30 this july. trust me... I been within. I was the ultra-fit teen, then slacked a short time after HS, then joined the marines, consequently slacked again w/ fitness, now Im back contained by shape again. Even though I am back inshape the aches dont walk away. So yes, as you get older be prepared..lol
3 of my co-workers are also turing 30 and it seem like we are all going through duplicate thing.
Also, I quit smoking 9 weeks ago
so I am getting a double wammy....
I would start working out if I be you. Your body needs the movement to operate at it's peak and if you don't enjoy it working at it's peak you are soon going to be faced next to fibromyalgia, what it seems you may be experiencing in the morning but you are competent to move out of the pain at this time. While at this time you can still override the pain itself, within time that won't be possible if left unchecked. Get into some regular exercising now. Jogging for a mile a time would be a good place to start.

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