How can I go and get my knees to stop from cracking & popping?

What natural foods would help? Is this a symptom for something insecure?
Usually, the pop you hear is the nouns of gas escaping from chambers between your joints. This can commonly be remedied by simply stretching or exercising more regularly.
the cracking & popping is air or fluid release from the joint & you shouldn't really be worried something like it unless it involves a condition that will incorporate pain;; & no, regular cracking & popping does not lead to any 'condition' of the collective ((a) least not in this integrated or knuckles, or shoulders)...if you try to reduce the 'protection', the 'guard', the 'tension' to your knee, you might hear smaller quantity popping;; you just probably have a automatic tendency to tighten the muscles used to move that knee; a slight alteration to your alignment may also make a difference..I think you've hear 'knees over toes', that means the inside & when ya go to stand up, place the foot & knees apart so they are under your shoulders & vertical, reduce the tautness to the knees, & just stand your alignment when doing steps too...if ya hold a hard time getting that 'vertical', get some specific strengthening elements to those knees, pro preferred, but swot how to relax the knees & you'll be fine;; one way to do this is to tighten them as hard as you can, afterwards really FEEL what it does & how it feels to relax them...good luck!! but zilch dangerous unless you eventually can't get that proper alignment going...
I once had this problem and I was told by a doctor that it be a sign of calcium deficiency. He also suggested I should get more exercise.
I'd right to be heard 2 glasses of Vitamin D milk a day will relief you IF that's the cause.
The cause could be an entirely different one for you. Only your doctor can give an account you for sure.
That's 2 irregularities for you. Take lots of vitamin E or collagens. Strengthen your supporting ligaments. It is a knee cap irregularity, chrondromolacia patellae or pale ligaments. Source(s): health

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