My wrist/arm hurts after writing, typing or texting for a long time?

I use the computer a lot, text and write on a day after day basis. Now, after a few hours my arm or wrist starts to ache to the point where on earth I can't move it without pain. Why is it doing this??
P.S. It's singular in my right arm/hand because I'm a righty.
it could be carpal tunnel syndrome from the repeated use of your wrist.
id travel to the doctor and get it checked out if it persists. Source(s): merely a guess.
That sounds similar to carpal tunnel syndrome to me. I have it in both hand. In the left for being not here handed and writing a lot and surrounded by the right hand as a gift from the mouse. At tiniest you're lucky you have it only surrounded by your right hand and not on both like me. A physiatrist can do a theory test to determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or not or if it's just wrist fatigue. Now they own an operation for that. The problem is the operation works fine for some people and does nothing to others. A chiropractor can probably do like mad for you to bring those nerves back into place. It all depends on your choices. Good luck contained by any remedy you choose to go for.
There are a lot of small bones and ligaments surrounded by your hands and wrist. When you use them excessively you cause stress. One of the most adjectives problems is carpal tunnel syndrome, and that can be quite painful. Suggestion would be to wear a wrist brace or wrap the wrist within an ace bandage when you work, use a wrist pad near your keyboard, if you are using a keyboard to be exact raised at the back, lower it to craft it flat against the table (elevating your hand to type can cause big time stress), pilfer regular breaks from the computer and rest your hands, use ice pack alternating with heating pad to help reduce some of the headache and inflammation. You can also work to strengthen the hand and wrists by doing a bit of physical therapy on yourself. Check out some of the info on the links below:……
It's normal, you are just overusing your arm/hand.
It's call carpal tunnel, look up for more info.

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