Why do I stir up sore every morning?

Its a struggle to get out of bed every single morning. Its always matching, my legs are achingly sore, my arms, my neck, my whole entire body is a short time ago stiff and sore every morning as I wake up and loaf around trying to get some actual movement from body. Im 20 years antediluvian, is this normal? does anyone know why my body is so sore and stiff in the morning? thank you
check your blood sugar.
It sounds like you need a fresh mattress. Sometimes when our mattress get old and worn out they quality all comfy and soft when we go to bed, but they don't support our bodies the mode they used too and while were sleeping the mattress will make us sore adjectives over. Or maybe you just lay to still at hours of darkness and you don't get blood circulation through your body very okay. If people stay still too long they'll get sore. Or again beside the mattress, as people get elder their bodies change, you might need a different mode of mattress instead of the same kind you've be using for 20 yrs. If you use an extra firm mattress you might need to change it to freshly firm or maybe even soft. Go to the mattress store and find what type of mattress feels more comfortable to your. You may even inevitability to invest in one of those fancy mattress' that you see on tv. I forget the name of em, but the characteristics that you can adjust to your liking and it fits to the shape of your body and all that jazz.
perchance your posture isn't good while sleeping or your mattress is old or humiliated... try to sleep on a different bed and/or with someone who can tell if you are sleeping surrounded by a proper posture
It's probably just your mattress. They wear out over time and don't support your body as much as they once did. It might be time to invest in a spanking new one. Probably make a huge difference.
it could be the course your body is positioned while sleeping, or if you are physically active it could just be your body motto that its tired

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