What do I own if it hurts to poop and my butt hole stings really discouraging when I progress?

It feels like I own a bunch of paper cuts in my butt hole and when i poop it hurts really unpromising like if i'm cutting through those broadsheet cuts again. So I hold it in because it hurts to bad. What should I do? And is at hand something to cure that paper cut feeling and stinging?
I agree with Bato. It does nouns like anal fissures and the common impose is constipation. With you holding it in, it will only hurt worse when you finally do jump. I would recommend taking fiber each day so that your movements are not so hurtful. Here are some of the symptoms that I copied from the join that I am going to paste below for you: What are the symptoms of anal fissures?

Patients with anal fissures almost other experience anal pain that worsens with bowel movements. The spasm following a bowel movement may be brief or long lasting; however, the pain usually subsides between bowel movements. The discomfort can be so severe that patients are unwilling to have a bowel movement, resulting in constipation and even fecal impaction. Moreover, constipation can result surrounded by the passage of a larger, harder stool that causes further trauma and make the fissure worse. The pain also can affect urination by causing discomfort when urinating (dysuria), frequent urination, or the inability to urinate. Bleeding within small amounts, itching (pruritus ani), and a malodorous discharge may occur due to the discharge of pus from the fissure. As previously mentioned, anal fissures commonly bleed in infants Source(s): http://www.medicinenet.com/anal_fissure/page2.htm

Unfortunately...Personal Experience as capably
Might be 'roids. After wiping up, get a drizzly paper towel and gently cleanse the anus. If we clear up our hands that don't even touch the excrement, we should definitely be the anus that does, right? Gently cleanse the anus until the wet paper towel is white. Use more than one if needed. Make sure to fold it, or it will cleave and could be messy, lol. After that, dry yourself, then apply some soothing baby grease or petro jelly. This doesn't heal anything, it just make the next elimination more comfortable.

Cleaning the anus is massively important. Don't just keep on until shower time. Instead, after each time using the anus, wash it. Otherwise, you'll own a film of doo-doo, and no amount of dry paper will remove it adjectives. How to test? Go, wipe, wipe well, next break a sweat. Return to the bathroom and wipe. You will see a bit of brown. If you wash with hose, you won't see any brown, nor will there be any "butt" smell, not even after sweating.

See a doctor about the aching. If it's a hemorrhoid, those are easily removable, and I believe they can even be done outpatient, no hospitalization needed.

Best to you! Source(s): My own practice!
It sounds like your stool could be too acidic. I would suggest going to the doctor. It could be various problems!
You probably have "hemorrhoids". Not the end of the world. They are similar to pimples but larger and are usually cause by tiny blood veins. Easy to cure. At the pharmacy, purchase 'Preparation H'. Comes in a tube. No prescription vital. Not expensive. Apply a little to the area near your finger. Swelling and burning/'stinging will disappear in a day or two. well-mannered luck.
It's called an Anal Fissure. Go to your doctor and s/he should prescribe some cream which will help it restore to health.
eat a lot of fiber. this will verbs your poo. Try Konsyl, or get it in medication form so it is easier to take once a day. It will run a little while. Maybe two weeks or more, but this will help you grasp better. Also, make sure to go #2 at smallest once a day. This will keep you regular. Sit on the toilet and generate it come out.
Drink more hose down. Most likely your body is low on fluids (and im not talking more or less coffee, pop or juice).
This basically causes the skin within your anus to dry up, and when you poop, and there arent enough fluids to engineer it just slide out, it gets forced out, stretches the dry butt skin, craking it and making it hurts similar to crazy. Then if you hold it in, you will get stomach cramps (constipation).
Start drinking alot more wet during the day. It may still hurt for a few more days, but once your body is hydrated, you should be okay. keep drinking lots of marine and cut down on other fluids who can dehydrate you.
You should drizzle anal lube and lotion on adjectives of your food so when you **** it will come out nice and smooth.
you probably have an internal hemorrhoid, which is kinda like a mat that will either itch really bad or hurt, or both! i suggest getting the cream "preparation H" if that doesnt sooth the backache w/in a week or so then see a doctor and he'll get you those annoying pills that dance up your ***!
Do you have hemorrhoids or just drink a bunch of spicy food? Go see a doctor.
yes. proper diet and hydration. you don,t seem to be eating satisfactory high fiber foods. fruits and veggies. you won,t have a sore butt if you,re getting ample water. eat a few prunes every sunshine. if you,re depending on coffee and soda in place of water, this will motivation problems. use some creamy vaseline on your butt to lube the opening. this will help.
yea i hate that iv had it for ever dont verbs if it goes away

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