The worst ever toothache! Help!!?

I have the most serious toothache and gum pain. IIt s radiating into my ear, cheek and up into my eye. Please someone endow with me your ideas on how to get rid of this anguish! It is the worst!
attain to dentist as quick as possible, it sounds like infection that can head to heart problems if not taken care of. use a heat pad on your face and over the counter agony pill
sounds approaching an abscess in your wisdom tooth, if you can't loaf til morning you can and should go to the ER. if sounds like an infection
Get to the dentist FAST! If you let it go you will more than plausible lose a tooth or more. For immediate relief tonight though you can appropriate the spice whole cloves and put directly on the gum by which ever tooth is hurting. Keep it between lip and gum.(kinda like chew tobacco). It will pilfer the pain away within minutes. It will one and only stay gone though as long as you keep them in your mouth. Good Luck!! Tooth affliction is the worst.
go to the dentist... other than that antibotic and motrin is what they in general give you here. maybe you can try rime just to numb your gum some too...
i assume you're asking what do to about this now.

if you're surrounded by severe pain (like a 10 on the 1-10 pain degree with 10 being the worst twinge you've ever felt in your life) consequently take a trip to the nearest emergency room.

you could have a mean infection that has now spread into your sinuses (which is cause your cheek and eye pain). you don't want to wait on this b/c the infection can spread and get worse.

if you can continue till morning-call your dentist at once and tell them you need to be see right away or you'll need to go to the emergency room. you're more than potential going to need antibiotics and possibly minor tooth surgery to correct the problem.

for now-take ibuprofen (if not allergic) to help beside the pain. take 200-400mg every 6 hour as needed but no more than 1200mg within 24 hours.

you can try alternating heat with rime to help reduce swelling and improve pain. apply ice for 10-15 mins afterwards within an hour you can apply the heat (use a melt washcloth or special heating pack found in the first aid part of your local drugstore. you can use a heating pad but do not appy directly to your skin) for 10-15 mins. alternate these every hour or you can stick to using whichever one make you feel better.

if the ibuprofen doesn't work and you're hurting too much to sleep-then head on into the emergency room. they can at lowest possible give you some heavy duty cramp meds until you can see the dentist.

good luck to you!! Source(s): i work in trauma icu
well go to Walgreens or CVS, Long's one of those 24hour places and jump to the dept that sells temporary filling, you can try to use this, it worked for me! If it doesn't work than go to the ER. However, the ER will only treat the niggle but they will give you antibiotic which will also help the anguish if it is in fact infected. You may own a serious infection-how long has this been going on? Get into your dentist tomorrow or asap. Anyways, check out your local 24 hour pharmacy/store and see if they enjoy anything for cavity's, fillings. Then follow directions. Email me if you have any problems after that or inevitability further instructions when getting the kit. Try this first it will save you money and time at the ER. God Bless hope your agony goes away! Take Ibuprofen with food 800mg po if fully fledged. Source(s): RN
Since it's the middle of the night, here at smallest, take some tylonel or ib profin, to take away some of the discomfort. You might even go to your regular Dr. You might have a sinus infection, which does effect some tooth ache. If it's that bad you might even own to have a root canal done on that tooth.
But first telephone your dentist and leave a message on their voice mail box, if they own one, tell them that you need to come contained by you are in severe pain. they will thieve a xray of that tooth and do an exam. if it's really bad like i said it might necessitate to have a root canal done.

Good Luck Source(s): I work for a dental bureau
If you have a cavity in the tooth, crush up an aspirin or any soft coating twinge killer. I used to crush one between two teaspoons. Then fill the cavity near the crushed pill, and also take a pain assassin like Tylenol, or advil, etc.
Now if you can get some Aloe Vera Juice found surrounded by any health food store, take in the region of an ounce and just hold it in your mouth for a couple of minutes, and afterwards you can swallow it and do it again, Also take a couple of ounces of it every two hours or so. It is a natural healer so will not hurt you surrounded by any way. Aloe Vera is a wonderful product.
Take a look at this as you can get it here also, next to other herbs included. scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link "imunity" and you will see a small bottle call "Symphony" appear and the tiny word "more" click that and it will tell you what it is, then you can follow instructions. Source(s): Nutritionist Consultant

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