Can you snort Prednisone?

Kyle is right and if you're still thinking of snorting a perscription steroid like that, then you're a f'n idiot.
do not snort prednisone if your pharmacist/physician did not instuct you to do so. it sounds approaching you are having questions give or take a few your medication. re-read your auxilory labels found on the prescription bottle or call your pharmacy or doctors department.
Probably, but it might burn your nose and WHY THEF WOULD YOU DO THAT ANYWAY? Prednisone won't make you high-ranking. It's a powerful corticosteroid, not something that will make you feel honourable. Once probably won't do anything (although I make no guarantees). Do it a bunch of times and you'll start feeling the side-effects of corticosteroids, which can be extremely unpleasant. Run out or stop violently after you've done it a bunch of times and you can severely damage yourself. What is the appeal with snorting stuff anyway?

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