Left Groin/Testicle hurts when i move.?

Ever since one or two weeks ago, i can't exactly remember when but it's fairly recent, my left testicle started to hurt somewhat bit (I'm not certain that it's my testicle that's hurting, i think its the subdivision where the penis and the testicle join, but sometimes i muse its the testicle. I'm not quite sure). Whenever I move my left or sometimes even right leg I catch a pain in that nouns, I've noticed that the pain is worse when i bend over. When I stand beside my back straight and lift my gone leg, i get only somewhat bit of pain. But when I stand and bend over then hoist my left leg the pain is much, much worse. I'm 16 and masturbate day after day.
Some other details are that a couple of days ago I did the most tiring sport session that I've ever done (I was in the holidays and did zilch but sit on my ***, and got very unfit), after the sport session my complete body was aching and my legs seem to have given up, they were adjectives soft and wobbly. I think that this session made the pain a undamaged lot worse, before this session I thought the pain be because i masturbated to regularly, got up too early and as I've mentioned formerly i got very unfit and started doing exercises vastly suddenly. Now the pain is quite bleak, I've read a lot of posts concerning left testicle distress but I'm not sure if it concerns me. I've felt my testicle for any lumps and haven't found anything. I have also found that if i sit up straight near my legs spread apart i can barely feel any throbbing, its only when i bend my back that i have a feeling the pain.
I've talked next to my brother and he said it's either I pulled a pelvic muscle or i masturbated too much and hurt the testicle somehow when i did sport. I'm quite alarmed at the possibility that i have some of things I've read, including cancer, etc.
I'm going to try not to masturbate for one or two days and not do any sport to see if it stops hurting. If not, I'm going to the doctor immediately.

If you own any information regarding my issue please post it. Anyway help is greatly appreciated.
Well I seriously doubt masturbation has anything to do with it. During masturbation, your testes are solitary doing what they are made to do. At first I thought you might be suffering from "blue balls" but it wouldn't be this long term.

More than likely, you pulled a muscle or pinched something. You should probably shift to the doctor, especially if in another week, the pain is still in that with the same or greater misery.
"I'm going to the doctor immediately."

Shut up and dance then.
The first entity is stop masturbating for a few days (seriously) and get your self checked out by a doctor. Embarrassing but you'll survive the experience.
It could be a quite a few things but only a doctor can inform you for sure after a quick examination. It doesn't nouns like anything as bad as cancer so stop worrying roughly that and it certainly isn't because you masturbate too much so don't be afraid to go see your doctor. He see's things approaching this all the time so you've nothing to be alarmed of. I would just add that you inevitability to go quite soon contained by case you have a twisted testicle. My son have this and it could lead to problems later.. so step soon.. and stop worrying!
it's easy .turn to the doctor, or remove it.your choice

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