There's something growing around my anus!?

I don't know what happen but with my previous years contained by life, my bum is so itchy and it bleeds when I scratched it.

After having a constipation, my bum hurts later by few minutes, it's like the skin from inside my anus suddenly came out. It hurts to enjoy it between my anus's opening.

I just look right through it and it I didn't even notice it when it disappears. It keeps on repeating every year, possibly twice or thrice in a year. I didn't count it.

But now, I am really worried roughly speaking it. After my constipation, there's something that grows outside of my anus' opening. Just around the opening.

Before it looks approaching a lump like a zit size, and now it looks similar to a tail. It hurts when I sit down or when my butt compressed.

It's about less than a centimeter within length and it appears flesh in color. It is tender and it hurts. My anus keeps on swelling. It a short time ago hurts, a little bit.

My question is:

1. What do you give the name this condition?
2. What's the cause?
3. How can I treat it NATURALLY?
4. How can I prevent it from coming back?

I hope you could assistance me with this problem. Thanks in mortgage. I do appreciate your answers.
Hemorrhoids, go see your doctor. Most just use meds but some do necessitate to be operated on.
May the effect of sudden impact or fall over. Part of the rectum(end of your small intestine) collapses. That's sound serious. See a doctor as soon as possible. It lead to worse problem.
You have a hemorrhoid and it's caused by the constipation and the straining to enjoy the bowel movement. Correct the constipation and stop straining and it won't happen any more. You can put some hemorrhoid cream on it.Preparation H is the best known one. A sitz tub is also good, soak in thaw out salt water surrounded by bath tub. Add fiber to your diet will help near the constipation. If the constipation is caused by medication, you try adding a stool softener. Source(s): Retired RN……
Just go to the doctor because doctors are the solitary ones who can diagnose you and treat it.
It sounds like you have heameroids. These turn out when you strain to pass a motion. It often happen to women during childbirth. If you are constipated look to your diet. Eat plenty of fruit and veg and drink lots of water, exercise will help too. There are plenty of over the counter creams, they will assistance with the itching, but you may need internal nouns too, this can be cream which will come with an applicator, or suppositories. Get help from a professional if contained by doubt. Better to be embarassed for a few minutes than to continue to suffer.
Honey, welcome to hemorrhoids.

Try sitting surrounded by a cool bath to sooth it, keep it verbs with cool water and lenient soap.

There really are no good ways to permanently treat it intrinsically.
One good way to hold on to it from getting worse would be to treat the constipation. I would suggest researching supplements to aid with that.

The best, and really only treatments are:
1. liniment to apply daily
2. if they get REALLY fruitless, surgery to remove them.

Go read everything on this article.

Some natural treatments for it. May not cure them, but they'll curtail the symptoms.

Natural treatments for constipation
Sounds similar to Hemhorroids to me. Preparation H. And also doctor's visit. It may be serious.
Sounds like hemorrhoids. One of the push button things you said is also the cause for them to be in the first place, man constipated. That means you probably pushed hard to take it out and that is the main passageway to get hemorrhoids, the pushing. You have to add on water to your diet for that is the number one drive for getting constipated. If I am having trouble going I go and carry a glass or two of water and surrounded by a short time it comes out as it should. It's like you dehydrate the inside of your body so it can't work properly and explicitly the resulting problem.

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