Pulling/ tugging sensation below belly button?

I was getting some cramps after my period (about 5 days after). After the cramps at a snail`s pace decreased I have be having this pulling/tugging sensation under my belly button adjectives the way down to my vagina as if there is a string in attendance for the past week. I feel intensely uncomfortable/aches when I laugh and speak loud. I have also be experiencing these minor cramps but they are more on the left side. Has any one else experienced this? Or does anyone know what the cause might be?
hi :) it would be interesting to know how prehistoric you are aswell? im mean, im a 15 year old girl, and i suffer from endometriosis. it's basicly when small parts of the womb bin liner are found outside the womb in places such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, bowel, vagina or rectum. it often make your periods quite raw, and inbetween periods, i often go and get the same feeling you vote you get. if it carries on, i would suggest going to see a doctor around it
hope this helps :) x
dunno love, go see a doctor :)

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