Space between thumb and index finger swollen?

I went to the hospital for my arm on saturday. My brothers landed on my arm when it be twisted in a bad position. the doctor took xrays of my upper arm with the sole purpose and said it was a sprain with contusions. it have been a week and a day since the crash and my wrist is hurting more than ever as well as the space between my thumb and index finger. That space is also swollen. Also, when i hold a pen to write, it feels close to i get shocked and my thumb goes numb for a while. does this nouns like anything familar? i want to wait a bit while longer before going to the doctor to see if it gets better since i am uninsured. gratitude in advance!
Because you are have numbness I would say you should go to the doctor. Baring that Are you have any swelling anywhere else? if so it could be affecting your thumb, pinching nerves and what not. Go with an icing regime. Still though if it is getting worse you should really go to the doctor.
Icing this will brand it worse, don't ice. You are having troubles near the ligaments in your wrist and that is what is cause the swelling up. Here is how to release your wrist:
With hand resting in front of you and your wrist bent partially way closed, press down hard slightly down the wrist and hold that pressure. After 30 seconds slowly open your wrist up as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your wrist depart for another 30 seconds.

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