How Can i Slit My Wrists Without It Hurting?

im 12 and ive always wanted to be an emo and everyone say u have to slit your wrists but ive tried i took scissors and sat and cut for ages and it leaves a stain then goes away i want a mutilation to stay their just one to prove im an emo please answer and dont just influence "dont do it" cuz i am no matter wat well biee x
You are twelve. Talk to your mother.
What! You want to slit your wrists just to 'prove' your emo?
Look don't bother, if thats why you want to cut your wrists don't bother. There are many other ways to express yourself than doing that. I dunno listen to their giving of music, wear their type of clothing, but don't cut sfull stop, nevermind just to 'fit in' with their stereotypical portrait.
If you cut I will guarentee you will regret it later on in existence. You may not think so now, but you will grow out of this phase and verbs, the scars however will not.
If that doesn't persuade you infer about this. You have the scar and your mum, dad, brother or sister sees it and asks what you have be doing. Do you really think you could bring yourself to say that you cut yourself so you could be 'emo'? Trust me, you do not want that on your mind everytime you turn outside. In the future you will hvae to cover up your arms so noone sees. Job interviews down the chain, what will employers think? When you turn swimming, for blood tests, to the beach, anything you will extension up being ashamed in the finish off.
Just think about it, within is no 'easy way' of cutting, and if you really did want to you would not come on here asking.
I hate to be one of those empire telling you what you should and should not do, but trust me from personal experience, you do not want to live with those scar for the rest of your life simply for the reason to 'fit into a group' Source(s): Personal experience
Dont cut your wrists. Thats raw & stupid looking.
You should do something like smash your head through cup or something.
Don't try and fit in beside the crowd. Be your own damn self! Emo isn't a style it's just a bunch of depressed kids. You aren't depressed you are only 12! If you be depressed, you could slit your wrists and you wouldn't give a damn if it hurt or not. They cut because they are so sad that they own lost all feeling. They hold lost themselves, they cut so they can feel something other than numbness. They cut because they aversion life and themselves and want to die. Ok, so don't be an idiot when you are a normal 12 yr ripened. You can still dress in that style without the depression and adjectives. If you split your wrists just because you want to fit in what does that variety you? You'll look all alike and just be posing as something you are not. Be independent, be yourself, be who you want to be. Don't fit within with the crowd, stand out. Jeez, ok this is kind of a mockery to myself. I am a TRUE depressed teen who struggles with cutting. I don't dress bleak either.
the alqaeda cure would fix that , and after cutting your wrists wouldn't hurt at all .
are u crazy! you are going to slit your wrist because you just want to be an emo. come on. things resembling that should be taken seriously. Real people who do that do it for a reason. not to freshly belong to a stupid group and be categorized. emo isn't about that know the word right. if you want to be an emo fine go ahead my judgment your being stupid but if u still want it fine. just slit your wrist near a piece of glass just a touch deep. it should leave a deformity
I intuitively don't think you should do so at attendance is no way to do it without twinge except for,If you took some makeup and fake blood and put a fake cut next to the make up and have the blood squeezed adjectives over it and the blood will stay there.Otherwise,Just grab a blade and slit your wrist.All you can do.You'll die if you make an incision in your blood vessel so you should newly try to cut by your blood vessels.Otherwise,Do not be an emo.Emo is a lifestyle in which society purposely hurt themselves,If you do not want to hurt yourself do not be emo.Or You'll just be a poser. Source(s): Personal Knowledge.
im changing my not going to assist you in a roughly stupid idea. your have a go ahead of you, wrist scars dont get you job and you could die. if you want you could be scene. Scene is a type of style based off emo..its essentially emo without the cutting yourself
youve always looked-for to be an emo... as in the style of clothing and hair or as surrounded by what everyone says about human being depressed and cutting yourself?
i think you hold to listen to what you want to do and if you really want "to be an emo" then just dress resembling it or something but dont go harming yourself simply because "everyone says you have to slit your wrists"

no. you dont. dont listen to them, basically do what you want to do and be who you want to be okay?

hope i helped you
This is ******' hilarious.
This can be glibly accomplished in a few simple steps:

1. Go to the deepest river or fresh sea source you can find.
2. Get a few big, heavy rocks.
---Now this is where it get tricky...
3. Put the rocks in a garbage shoulder bag and tie it to your leg.
4. Now I'm not some jerk that's going to ask you to jump contained by. Throw the rocks into the water.
5. Once submerged utter a few sacred words: "toidi na m'i". (Water may enter your lungs, but that's everyday, just repeat this phrase twice and then read it backwards really loud... try it immediately.)
6. You should now be in a state of mind where on earth you cannot feel pain.

--- hope this help.

HAHAHA you ******* kids hahaha
Slit your wrists, it'll hurt.
You wont ever be an emo, you'll always be a poser.

your 12? and WANT to cut your wrists?
damn, your natural life is gonna be a sucky one
Did you put this on here JUST for attention?
well, emos cut themselves so it hurts. it have to hurt.
I know you said you don't want the "don't do it" answers but I have to say this. First of adjectives what your planning to do is completely stupid..
Secondly you could end up killing yourself if you cut to open etc
and thirdly you will regret it, THE SCARS ARE HORRIBLE and believe me I know this
What Is Cutting?
Emma's mom first noticed the cuts when Emma was doing the dishes one hours of darkness. Emma told her mom that their cat had scratched her. Her mom seemed surprised that the cat have been so rough, but she didn't think much more in the region of it.

Emma's friends had noticed something strange as ably. Even when the weather was hot, Emma wore long-sleeved shirts. She had become stealthy, too, like something was bothering her. But Emma couldn't appear to find the words to tell her mom or her friends that the marks on her arms be from something that she had done. She was adjectives herself with a razor when she feel sad or upset.
Injuring yourself on purpose by making scratch or cuts on your body with a sharp object — ample to break the skin and make it bleed — is called adjectives. Cutting is a type of self-injury, or SI. Most people who cut are girls, but guys self-injure, too. People who cut usually start cutting contained by their young teens. Some continue to cut into old age.

People may cut themselves on their wrists, arms, legs, or bellies. Some people self-injure by burning their skin with the downfall of a cigarette or lighted match.

When cuts or burns heal, they repeatedly leave scars or grades. People who injure themselves usually hide the cuts and marks and sometimes not a soul else knows.

Why Do People Cut Themselves?
It can be hard to twig why people cut themselves on purpose. Cutting is a passageway some people try to cope with the backache of strong emotions, intense pressure, or upsetting relationship problems. They may be dealing with ambience that seem too difficult to bear, or fruitless situations they think can't change.

Some those cut because they feel desperate for relief from impossible feelings. People who cut may not know better ways to get nouns from emotional pain or pressure. Some ethnic group cut to express strong feelings of rage, sorrow, rejection, desperation, longing, or nakedness.

There are other ways to cope with difficulties, even big problems and terrible moving pain. The help of a mental condition professional might be needed for major life troubles or overwhelming emotion. For other tough situations or strong emotions, it can help put things surrounded by perspective to talk problems over with parents, other adults, or friends. Getting plenty of exercise can also support put problems in perspective and help match emotions.

But people who cut may not enjoy developed ways to cope. Or their coping skills may be overpowered by emotions that are too intense. When emotions don't return with expressed in a healthy route, tension can build up — sometimes to a point where it seem almost unbearable. Cutting may be an attempt to relieve that extreme tension. For some, it seem like a way of opinion in control.

The urge to cut might be triggered by strong feelings the soul can't express — such as anger, hurt, shame, frustration, or alienation. People who cut sometimes say they feel they don't fit within or that no one understands them. A creature might cut because of losing someone close or to escape a sense of emptiness. Cutting might seem close to the only way to find nouns or express personal pain over relationships or rejection.

People who cut or self-injure sometimes have other mental condition problems that contribute to their emotional tension. Cutting is sometimes (but not always) associated beside depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, obsessive thinking, or compulsive behaviors. It can also be a sign of mental condition problems that cause people to own trouble controlling their impulses or to take unnecessary risks. Some ethnic group who cut themselves have problems with drug or alcohol swearing.

Some people who cut have have a traumatic experience, such as living through abuse, violence, or a disaster. Self-injury may be aware of like a way of "wake up" from a sense of numbness after a traumatic experience. Or it may be a way of reinflicting the pain they go through, expressing anger over it, or trying to get control of it.

What Can Happen to People Who Cut?
Although cutting may provide some impermanent relief from a terrible sensation, even people who cut agree that it isn't a good style to get that relief. For one piece, the relief doesn't last. The troubles that triggered the adjectives remain — they're just masked over.

People don't usually intend to hurt themselves permanently when they cut. And they don't usually tight-fisted to keep cutting once they start. But both can develop. It's possible to misjudge the depth of a cut, making it so deep that it requires stitches (or, in extreme cases, hospitalization). Cuts can become infected if a soul uses nonsterile or dirty cutting instruments — razors, scissors, pins, or even the sharp turn-up of the tab on a can of soda.

Most people who cut aren't attempting suicide. Cutting is usually a person's attempt at feeling better, not finish it all. Although some people who cut do attempt suicide, it's usually because of the ardent problems and pain that lie trailing their desire to self-harm, Source(s): im a physcologist and i ha been a cutter when i was a teen

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