What can I do around a trapezius muscle spasm?

About once a week, I have a problem where one side of my trapezius spasms, becoming resembling a rock between my shoulder and neck on one side. The muscle hurts a lot, and after roughly an hour it gives me a migraine headache, with the aching travelling up the back of my head and making my eye and temple pound on the one side. The spasm and resulting migraine usually later one day, so I'm getting a migraine a week. It's really horrible! I have never found anyone else who have this specific problem.

I've tried hot baths, professional massage, ibuprofen, and when I feel the spasm coming on I verbs my shoulders back and try to sit/stand up straight - none of those things really work. I can lessen the migraine by lying in bed beside an ice pack under my person in charge. But as soon as I remove the ice pack the pain returns. I know nearby are migraine medications out there, but I want to treat the untested muscle problem first.

Does anyone else suffer from this trapezius problem? Has anyone found anything that works as a preventative or a treatment?
Try acupuncture. It helps balance the flow of chi, which aids contained by the healing process. Acupuncture can also help drop off pain.

Good luck.

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