Why does my throat hurt?

My throat has been hurting for 2 weeks very soon it started with strep im not sure if it was because i havent gone to the doctor i started beside fever and the shivers i did have white spots on my tonsils it go away after 5 days i thought i was better but my throat keeps hurting especially at darkness (when i lay down) it keeps me up and in the morning. I do hold sore throats once a month but this month it has been horrible. I dont know why it hurts when i lay down. i do enjoy alot of problems with my tonsils. i dont go to the doctor because i cant afford it. but why wont it stop hurting and it hurts more when i lay down
You have a muscle lower than your chin that can tighten up on you. When that happens it makes the gangway in your throat narrow as ably which makes it feel similar to you can't swallow or breathe right. It would make sense, if this is the problem, that it would hurt after you lay down because it would be putting pressure on this same area. Here is how to release that muscle:
Under your chin:
Place your thumbs up underneath your chin near the front. Feel the muscle between them for as tight as it can be. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a adjectives breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. When the muscle starts to release, slowly look upward until your nouns is fully extended. Then release the pressure but hold your head there for one minute longer.
I dont know but go to the doctor
Welcome to my world. I bring back strep throat all the time. Fever, chills, body aches, stuffy muzzle, sore throat, and white spots on your tonsils = = = Stret Throat! You probably need penecillin hun. If you trust Mexican drugs well consequently you can get some over there, if you can't afford them here. That's what I do. BTW Dicoclaxillin works similar to a charm. Without medication it'll take upto two weeks for you to feel better. If it sort of go away and came back that method the infection is still active in your body.

By the course, I'm not a doctor or medical professional. This is only an opinion, however, it is best that you see a doctor in the past to take any sort of medication. Doctors are doctors anywhere in the world, so you can see one contained by Mexico, if not, go to the emergency room at your local county hospital, they can't turn you down. It's the decree, and if you are low income they may be able to cover you with affairs of state programs.

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