Lower abdominal twinge after kissing?

i am a boy... and last night i kissed my gf for a few minutes. but after ward i had a bad abdominal spasm on thee right side of the stomach. which caused difficulties in walking.. what could enjoy caused this? and how can i prevent it? please help me.
thank you markedly much
Hey I does seems to be because you kissed your GF and you started to hve abdominal torment, it must be because of something else you ate last night or in the past you kissed her...
I doubt the two are related items. There's a small chance that you were have some anxiety about kissing her (if it was the first time ) and could hold gotten a cramp in your stomach. However as it is the right side be careful to view for recurring pain in that and or fever as it could be appendicitis. Most likely tho, it be gas pain.
Occam's razor
The simplest explanation is usually the best.

It is highly unlikely that two events within medicine are unrelated. Stomach pain can be cause by anything from stress to appendicitis. It is most likely a form of stress in which you don't consciously see but you brain understand it in a subconscious realm, hence you discern the effects of it with out knowing why.

Alternatively it has to do next to what you ate, and the hormones released by your body.
Muscle spasm? Maybe caused by nerves. It does happen. If it keep happening I would go to a doctor.

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