Am I going through a growth spurt?

Well right now my knees are killing me. Every time I bow down I need some support to get up because my knees hurt really discouraging. Also my joints have started to crack a bit. I'm feeling more fatigue then usual. My body desires to just have me sit on the couch and stay at hand all day. So I want to know if I'm going through a growth spurt. If I'm only sitting up straight and relaxing my body still aches. It aches and hurts.

So am I going through a growth spurt or am I purely sore from sports?
Do you know anything about this?
Do you have any websites for me to run on?
Yup. Yay u!
Well when you get sore it means your muslce fibers tore and they are going to grow spinal column bigger and stronger so even if it is from sports the result will be you growing.
you should keep a mark on the wall and see if you grew

i dont construe its a spurt though
It depends on your age. if you are 12-17 you may be but above or below that you may just be overdoing sports.
How do you expect getting an answer from anyone that first off doesn't have a medical scope and second can't even see you
how old are you? It does nouns like a growing phase, with a combo of sports "wear and tare."
yes u r

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