Why does my wrist hurt?

About two weeks ago, I hit my wrist against my locker (it wouldn't shut so I slammed it) and it hurt really bad. I did it again about two days next, mostly because I forget that I had hurt it.
My wrist only hurts when I touch it, but the slightest pressure will transport pain from my wrist to mid-way up my forearm. It didn't swell, and only bruised a completely little amount. It barely even looked like anything serious. It's not a dull, throbbing twinge, it's a sharp pain. It feels resembling I'm being stabbed by a knife or something. It doesn't hurt to move my wrist, I hold full range of motion.

I don't think it's broken, or even fractured. My mom suggested that it may only be sprained, but I don't think it is. She doesn't want to take me anywhere to bring back x-rays, because she doesn't think it's anything serious. I don't think it's serious any, but does anyone know what could be wrong with my wrist? It really hurts, and it's really starting to annoy me.
i think ur moms rite...that a moment ago happened to me all u own to is put a brace or something on it and leave it on there for approaching 5 days or less
You can be having trouble because of the ligaments in your wrist. The slamming of the locker could be see as trauma to your wrist and in response to trauma the ligaments in the nouns usually shorten up. Here is how to release those ligaments:
With hand resting in front of you and your wrist bent partly way closed, press down hard slightly trailing the wrist and hold that pressure. After 30 seconds slowly open your wrist up as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your wrist instigate for another 30 seconds.
This reminds me of the story about the fella who complained roughly speaking his head hurting, to make the strain go away he banged his person in charge against the wall to make him forget about the anguish.

Your wrist hurts because you slammed the locker door on it, geesh. It will get better when it heals. Healing will come faster if you stop using it and immobilize it.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause agony at the wrist. In addition, this syndrome can cause pains to shoot down into the fingers or up into the forearm. Usually nearby is a numb feeling in the fingers as if they be asleep. In this syndrome, the median nerve is trapped and squeezed as it passes through the fibrous carpal tunnel within the front of the wrist. Generally the squeezing results from too much inflamed tissue. Some causes of this inflammation are a blow to the front of the wrist, rheumatoid arthritis, playing tennis, padding a canoe, or other actions that repeatedly flex and extend the wrist.
The key it management of wrist throbbing is splinting. The strategy is to rest the joint in the position of best function. Wrist splints made of plastic or aluminum are available at hospital supply stores and several drug stores. I hope this helps you. And good luck.

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