Why do my legs hurt when I sit for too long?

I'm 19 and have average body type and long legs. When I sit for too long, (for example playing video games, or even in the car), my legs be aware of like someone is trying to pull them out. At first it only just felt funny and I tried to just chafe it away, but it gets worse as I grow up. Is this normal? is it because of deficiency of exercise? Oh, and I think it tends to take place when my room is really cold.
did it first happen when you were playing a D&D winter sport then maybe sharok the evil wizard pattern a spell of ice legs on you or you were abduct by aliens and when they may have got a trainee to reattach your legs and didnt procure it quite right
It's a normal entity to happen if you hurt your legs. but in your shield I think you should go and enjoy it checked. :)

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