Can you chew Hydrocodone?

I was wondering if I chew my hydrocodone pill will it work better than me just sallowing it?
YUCK i cant even suppose how bad that would taste!! You could chew it but why on globe would you want to?
I would think that chewing it would increase the absorption rate into your body but might it also cut back on the length of time it is in your system. Your best bet is to discuss it next to either your Doctor or Pharmacist to see what other options exist.
Will it work "better"? No. It may start working sooner, but it will also wear rotten sooner too.The volume of the drug is the same regardless of what you do. Pills don't just sit surrounded by your stomach forever before dissolving.
Ever had one start to dissolve on your tongue? It will bite really nasty by the way. Unless you are one of those that basically can't swallow a pill why bother. Source(s): Retired RN

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