Why does my tailbone hurt?

my tailbone really hurts when i sit with my legs crossed and put my head down. it also hurts when i straighten my legs and look down at my thighs.. i didnt exercise much, but i hold been stretching everyday because i'm trying to do the splits. yes i am stretching correctly i checked with my salsa teacher. i also have be watchind tv heeps and sitting down on the couch and infront of the comp.
should i go to a physio? i've been using a tool called the chi machine where on earth you put ur ankles and it moves ur whole body side to side. it helpedd my dad's back, but it doesnt seem to be to help mine.
it really hurts and i'm scared that it would affect my jazz =S

you have a muscle down there and it could me that its getting tight. i do gymanstics and it be happening to me.. i wore a heat wad and it seamed to help and keep the muscle loose. Source(s): me

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