Anybody relate? (blown herniated disk L4-L5-S1)?

How did it go for you? Story?

Just wondering who else out there deal with it. I blew a disk wide interested 4 years ago. For 18 months I could not even sit down.
I shattered the L5/S1 disc surrounded by 1981 & the 2 above are herniated. I had been playing volleyball at the time. I've have all the drugs & a TENS unit. Currently I wear a TENS element, the fentanyl patch w/vicodin for breakthrough pain & occasionally a toridal (spelling?) injection (because of the patch, stronger medications are not recommended).

Since the adjectives thing started, I have have 3 kids and, until recently, was competent to work full time. My own opinion is that the mental state and degree of "stubbornness" one have relates directly to one's recovery and quality of life span.
Wife had that and had a slip and fall over incident which clashed them together and caused bone fragmentation at the location into the spinal cord. Lets talk 24/7 364 strain. She took Percocet every 3 hours AND wore an epidermal patch. She still cried in her sleep. After three years they didn't even work anymore, so surgery it was. Took four months to get better. Its been a year now and we know they did not carry all of the bone fragments out and she is still experiencing some pain but nowhere to hand as bad. If she elects to enjoy the surgery again they have to go surrounded by from the front and disembowel her to get to the front part of the spine.
I hear you!!
I have have four back surgeries!! Been in a body strike. A back brace! Been confined to bed for so many weeks I can't remember them adjectives.
My lower back L-4 L-5 L-6 T-3 and I can't remember the others off appendage?? Probably more by now. I can rupture a disc by just rolling over within bed I have done that!
I am on oral morphine 60 mg every 4 hours for pain. I hold a internal pain pump in my hindmost that will put morphine directly into my back for the pain.
I am or be a nurse at one time. I got hurt on the job over 20 years ago and very soon I am disability. I hate being at home adjectives the time. The money is terrible and the pain resourcefully I can't even talk about it!!

I not long had to go to the ER for severe hindmost spasms. I had been to my niggle doctor that every day and had modern medicine put in my anguish pump. The morphine that was in my pump be not helping. I was on 22 mg of morphine in a 24 hour spell. If you don't know about pain pumps to be precise a lot!
Everyone kept saying I shouldn't be standing as much tablets I was on. Most people would be knock out.
My doctor put me on morphine, Fentanyl and a nerve block of some kind I have never been on before!!

As I started to say-so I had to go to the ER for put money on spasms. They gave me some medication and sent me home. I went home and contained by about a hour or so I had to christen my doctor to tell him I was hurting so bleak I was throwing up and I couldn't hardly move my legs I be hurting so bad. I couldn't move my legs to walk!!

I hold nerve damage from adjectives the back problems!!

I was admit around 9:00 pm that night and they put me on a morphine pump. I couldn't even stay in bed I be hurting so bad. I kept moving around the room with the IV pump attached to me. I would seize in the bed then capture up and walk for a few minutes I hurt so badly!! Finally I consistency asleep and my husband went home.

I remember waking up still hurting so bleak. I just wanted to die! I remember a nurse coming into my room around 1:00am describing I couldn't scream!! But I don't remember screaming?
The hospital called my husband around 5:30 am Sunday describing him he needed to come to the hospital as fast as he could. They had put me within ICU. I had stopped breathing and had to be placed on a Vent. This is a gadget that will breath for you to keep you alive.

I was surrounded by a coma and having seizures! The doctors kept recounting my husband they didn't know what was wrong with me. I have a total of 11 doctors looking out for me. My body was just shutting down the neurologist said. He told my husband that my final may have been hurting so desperate that I just went inside myself.
Because my body couldn't stand person in so much pain?I be in a coma for 5 days.They told my husband in so masses words they didn't know if I was going to make it or not!!
Finally my headache doctor stopped all the pain meds and the brashness block that was in my pump. He shut my backache pump off.
After 5 days I woke up and couldn't understand what have happened? Still to this day I am enormously confused at times. I think I had a counterattack to the nerve block?? That was the plea I couldn't move may legs and that is what stopped my breathing.
I was within the hospital for 19 days.
There is so much more I could tell you about wager on pain. One thing I have need of to say about this story!! Watch out what type of pills you take for back strain. I truly think I had a aversion to the nerve block medicine.
I still enjoy morphine in my pain pump but explicitly all. My pain ably After being in the hospital and almost dieing I try to not draw from to upset when my back starts to really hurt bad!

Good Luck

Good Luck near your back!!
Just got off the phone next to a Dr. to give me the results of my MRI. I also have a herniated disk L4-5 - extremely painful! I had surgery on the C6-7 disk within my neck about 7 years ago for like reason. I would do surgery again in a heart-beat. The cramp was gone INSTANTLY after surgery.

Will you have surgery also? Or a moment ago do physical therapy? Good luck to you.
I went through all of the medical procedures including surgery. What I find help me the most is deep tissue massage psychiatric help. Nothing else works as well. I use very little distress medication. I still have problems sitting, but I've had this problem for twenty years and Am used to it. If you hold access to a Jacuzzi I would recommend you use it every day. That's really going to bring down the pain.

if you hold any further questions please let me know,
Billie77 Source(s): retired doctor of Naturopathic drug

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