How do I know if I broke my wrist? ?

I went ice skating and i fell really firm. I used my hand to brake my fall and i feel a crack. It stung and burned but there was no smudge and i could still move my wrist and fingers. It only hurt when i put pressure on it...or if i carried something heavy. after it started to get better.

Today i slipped on ice outside and i did the exact same item with my hand. this time it really hurt. i can still move it and am typing in a minute but it feels weird and really hurts. i out an icepack and i don't lean on it or anything.

How do i know if im okay? What should i do? I might progress to the doctor but im not sure.any suggestions before i call to call round the doc.?
when i broke my wrist i couldn't move it if i where you i would go to a Doctor!
Sorry going on for your injuries, sounds like you should think just about getting some of those spikes that slip over the bottom of your shoes for traction, they work I wore them when I lived in NH working as a UPS driver helper during the winter, don't quality bad I fell at least twice in the past I got some.

You won't know for sure if it's broken or fractured even, unless you get some x-rays
ill bet u pulled some tendons and muscles and stuff. so wait a few days and maintain ice on it, if it still hurts allot or worsens, go to a doctor
One way to know if you did serious sabotage to your wrist is to get an x ray.

Plus, dull pain is one way of telling us that something wrong within our body. And trust me, bone pain is one of the most painful type of discomfort.

Relying on for medical advise would be far more dangerous.
You step to the doctor!?
I think going to the doctor is a right idea. It sounds like you aggravated the injury, at the awfully least. Might be a sprain, though, not fully broken.
if you can move it it is probably a really desperate sprain or your bone could have cracked ...go see a doctor.
put ice on it to oblige the pain and then turn to the doctor as soon as you can
You can't know for sure without an x-ray but you need to stop moving it. If you own an Ace Bandage (one of those long stretchy types) you might have someone wrap it up for you so it won't move. The ice pack should assist with swelling. Rest it on a pillow until you can get it checked.
Go see the doc.
If you only leave it it could give you problems next on.
my mom other told me that the best way to know if you broke a bone is cause it will kind you feel like puking. and she be right
You can't see a broken bone unless part of it protrudes
from the skin. So, I'd suggest an x-ray is within order so you'll
know for sure.
if you can type all that probably not. if it hurts to even touch it, probably yeah, check a doctor
If you can move it it isn't broken don't verbs you probably just hurt it quite rock-hard. If it gets any worse maybe jump to a doctor. Try to rest it a bit. Hope it gets better!
be in motion to a hospital, you idiot...
I've broken my wrist a number of times.
Each time I was within a situation like yours...I fell and broke my fall next to my wrist.
The stinging and burning was probably from the cold ice against your skin. Did your wrist fell numb? Usually after you acquire hurt badly you won't feel it for a while because your body sends adjectives of your white blood cells to that area.
If you can move it but simply a slight bit, most likely it's broken. I would definitely progress to the doctor to get it checked out because if it is broken you don't want it to heal the wrong process!
For now I would just appropriate it easy and not force your wrist to do anything uncomfortable.
Definitely will need an X-ray by the doctor.
UM a doctor will probably communicate you
That doesn't sound good. Go to the doctor.
If the x-ray tech say you did.
You should hit your hand until you don't feel anything.
Sounds similar to a spiral fracture.. visit a Doc to get an Xray
If you can move it, i'd say its not broke. But its other good to go to the doctor and enjoy it checked. I fell years ago and swore my ankle was broke, having no insurance i be afraid to go to the hospital. That was 8 years ago and to this morning my ankle never feels right and hurts with correct movements. Of course now i know a hospital wont turn you away for an inability to pay, so if insurance is a factor, budge to the ER anyways, you can always file for financial assistance and more consequently likely the bill will be covered. You dont want to wait though, it can restore to health wrong if it is broke, or sprained.
go to the doctor
Yeah, I'd commander to the doctor if I were you. But, if you are really desperate not to go, here are some tips:

-I've broken both of my elbows, and I could move my fingers on both occasion.
-If it's broken, it'll swellvery much. My elbow was the size of a small canteloupe.
Yes doctor but u prob sprang it
Just go to your family doctor
By what you said...your foot must still be recovering from the injury so it will be sore for a week tops. I suggest that you don't do anything strenuous like lifting and don't use your hand to much except when writing and typing. Typing and writing next to your broken hand actually increases salvage. This saves money on yourself.
If you do visit the doctor, later tell him or her what happened to your paw, what did you do, and ask if there's anything to relieve or heal your hand more. Source(s): I have a little brother who had indistinguishable situation, but it was concrete that he slipped on. Much worse.
see if you can move it the same course as the other one

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