Does smoking Marijuana aid or hurt migraines?

I have chronic daily migraines and be wondering if smoking marijuana would help my migraines in any method? I have tried over 25 different medications and zilch works.
its hurts migraines

I've been a medical marijuna tolerant for 10 years in California,,, I was constituent of a pain study at Univ. of California San Diego

I see alot of advice but not one from an actual medical marijuana tolerant,,, I hope all of you that say no never enjoy to deal with chronic twinge,,, you'd change your mind fast. I transport about 25% less opiates everyday than I do if I don't smoke pot.

Here is a well brought-up link you should check out…

and here is your best source of information on medical marijuana

I HAVE to smoke because of a drunk driver that killed his brain cell with a legal substance so it really have nothing to do with mortal legal or illegal,,, it's medication,,, not simply a buzz and illness like booze
You can write to the American Migraine Association contained by Chicago for a list of foods to avoid and wine, pickled items, oprgan meats similar to liver, kidney, pickled herring , strong flavored cheeses and chocolate,,, everything in moderation..I hadmy first migraines 39 yrs,. ago and followed the diet strickly, and got ample sleep at night, and as less stress as possibl;e...and own been clear since.write to the asssociation or go on string at wiki pedia, or Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale AZ or Minnesota and get give a hand, but not marijuana. Source(s): Had migraines in 1968-70..not anymore,,, experience
it might not make all the strain go away but it would relax you and make the dull pain seem like smaller number. im not a doctor or anything but i know how it works and it seems like it would facilitate. but i mean if your willing to do somthing immoral do it!
Marijuana give me a migraine, even the smell of it..

I suffer from migraines too.

For me, I found that Relpax worked SO well, it takes away the migraine within minutes. It leaves me feeling a bit weak after, but it's so worth it.
Both or neither. Everyone's different. Experiment.
Doing something evil and/or bad for your health close to pot: I wouldn't recommend it.
Yes. Absolutely. If it doesn't numb the pain, it will at least abet you nap it away.
Yes, It does help the migraines. Well, my mother says it does. She smokes it practically everyday because of headache and toothaches.
Give it a shot, it'll help.
I really think it would relief.
it helps
i dont know about migranes but it really doesnt help when i hold a bad headache. It definitely help though if you just want to smoke up and take a sleep though.
It could help.
But I don't suggest it.

You should really walk get it checked out by a doctor though, if you haven't already.

I had HORRIBLE headache. (like no one could even believe) a few years ago. They were so desperate that I did nothing but lay on the bed, get up and down every few minutes because I didn't know what else to do.

I couldn't sleep, put away, take meds, drink fluids, or really do anything but puke up nothing but stomach acerbic for almost 2 weeks. And that was all due to the throbbing.

Anyway, where I'm getting, I ended up have an Arachnoid Cyst. It was pushing on my nerves in my brain and making my body, and eye verbs go insane.

I had to enjoy brain surgery.

So, seriously, go get it checked out. Source(s): Horrible experience.
hurts as expected
No I take really bad migrains too and I tried one of my brothers joints and it didn't lend a hand at all. I don't recommend it. Have you tried Amitriptylin? That helps me greatly. Also keep track of what you eat. Certain foods can set it bad. Chocolate sets off my migrains...
I would articulate that this depends on where you live. Check your state laws to see if medical marijuana is available consequently go see a doctor for it. Otherwise you can try it but most definitely don't find caught holding the bag.. lol. It always help my migraines.
Have they figure out what's causing the migraines? There has to be a better solution than marijuana.
ask your doctor
It kills your brain cells. If you want to hurt yourself out of stupidity, be in motion ahead.
it HURTS ; now STOP DOING THAT child !

:) for your own good lol seriously.
It kills brain cells.

oh, it helps...
it hurts it singular helps certain kind of cancer
Depends. sometimes it helps me near my headaches and sometimes it makes them worse because sometimes I take a bit dizzy... You can try it, it'll only have effects on your twinge for a few hours... if it doesn't work at least you tried to cure the pain
il se débarasse de lui que je crois
it will sharpen your senses..including ur sense of throbbing. The throbbing would seem sharper. I know you dont want that, as I have migraines myself. Have you tried Imitrex injections?

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