Can falling complicated on your tail bone spawn the top of your director hurt?

I fell on my tail bone hard the other day and i presently have pain on the top of my principal. Not like a headache pain. It feelse approaching it's on the inside pushing up pain. Hard to explain. An ear ache also come with this head niggle. It comes in waves and isn't constant and when it comes it is sharp and intense.
yeah coz the spinal cord and brain are part of the CNS (central nervous system) that transport neurones and stimulus. Source(s): science lesson
Yes, landing on your tailbone can cause problems in other areas close to head pains or headaches. Reflex and voluntary motor hustle and bustle is regulated by motor nerve stimulation from the brain and brainstem to the motor neuron of the spinal cord. First, make sure your doctor hold checked for rare rumors and infections in the lower final that can trigger similar symptoms. More often the problem stem from sprained tailbone ligaments. While that's usually caused by a slump or by difficult delivery of a child, the physical stress of sitting can eventually cause similar twist if you're overweight. If not, the pain may stem from an otherwise benign bone growth on the end of the tailbone. Mild headache can usually be soothed by taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen ( Advil, Motrin ), sitting erect, or sitting on a donut-shaped pillow. But severe pain like yours will probably require stronger treatment.

A combination of mould (preceded by a local-anesthetic injection) plus corticosteroid injections usually pacifies the pain. If adjectives else fails and you can't live with the twinge, you might consider removal of the entire tailbone, though the procedure is still fairly controversial, and full recovery can rob up to a year. And good luck.
ooh, do you feel any pain near your jaw aswell?

if you do, falling on your tailbone could lead to ~TMJ

i'd bring back it checked,

but i do ice-hockey and i always fall on my tailbone really rock-hard rest for a bit and then see if it's better, do some yogo, or anything calm, will backing a lot.
Well it has been theorize that different nerves in different parts of the body are connected in some opening. So if you damage your toe, for instance, your eye may begin to hurt, or your tailbone could hurt, etc. So it is terrifically possible that yes, you could have caused anguish in your head, when you dog-eared your tailbone. I recommend that you see a doctor, just to make sure you didn't do any durable damage.
You really need to shift see the doctor immediately. All I know for sure is that your spine runs all the course up your body, starting at your tailbone and ending at your brain. If you are experiencing the pain you claim to be experiencing consequently the situation needs to be looked at immediately. It could be any number of things, some resulting within paralysis, some resulting in death. Go without beating about the bush, seriously.
Yes. It really can. you should travel to the doctor just in covering you really hurt yourself
Yes it can. The jarring to your spine can basis problems anywhere as it's attached with bones, cartilage, discs and nerves.hmm

It is ER time and ASAP anything head/spine-GO! Besides, you're worried enough to ask out nearby, so go!
Your spine connects the tail bone (coccyx) to your skull. Landing very knotty on your tail bone would send shock waves adjectives of the way up your spine into the base of your skull. While the spine is a accurate shock absorber, like every other part contained by the human body, it has its limits. An quirk such as this could result in a whiplash-type injury (only vertical instead of horizontal). Get checked out by your primary care physician to insure no long-term devastate has been done.

However, copious people obtain a large amount more relief for this type of injury from chiropractor (without just mask it with pain killers).

If you are considering chiropractic thought -- ask around and see if any friends or acquaintances get chiropractic care and who they see. Not simply can individual chiropractors vary in their skill set, but individuals respond differently to different types of therapy and procedures.
This sounds really weird but I've experienced the same entry. Like when I'd fall on my butt really hard rime skating or rollerblading, I have noticed that the top of my guide gets a really strange sensation. Hmm...that can't be good.
could be go see the doctor
When I fell on my tailbone I ended up next to a headache but nothing like you've described. I really imagine you should see your doctor.
Those who told you that this could effect headache and related pain/discomfort are correct. Please get into the ER or get surrounded by to see your physician without delay.

Hope I help, and hope you feel better soon.
God bless you.
The spine is connected to the brain, so yes. See a primary care physician.
Yeah, if your organizer is in your a**. (lol, I couldn't resist)
Seriously, it sounds like you could own pulled something in your back and/or your collar, which is possible anytime you fall or are in any kindly of sudden 'jarring' accident, even if it wasn't a 'direct' hit to that area ( judge for example, whiplash). Injuries in your back or collar can display themselves in headaches. I even have a friend who's fiance fell on his chin & broke a bone in his neck, but the headache was in his team leader. Just to be on the safe-side, it couldn't hurt to get checked out at your doctor just to label sure it's not something more than pulled muscles.
You could have done something to your head when you fell. See a doc.
yess..about 10 yrs ago a guy pushed my mom down and broke hers, and she said her organizer hurt sorta that way for awhile. / i just asked her when i read ur cross-question.

don't worry about it it happen to me all the time.

it feels similar to head rush on the top of your head right?
Yes it can, if you think going on for it, when peolpe have pressure or fliud on the brain they have lumberpunctures to relieve the pressure, so if you enjoy fallen and it has swollen outside and within then the pressure can go to your guide

I just fell on my tailbone

nope no headpain my a$$ newly hurts
When this dive occurred, where did you own your head?
oh yes, see a doc, asap ironic. I just get over a concussion last week, minor of course. I slipped on the bathroom floor and hit my principal and tailbone hard on the tile. My school call EMS and crap, and I remember them holding up my neck and taking me out on a stretcher.. I think it's because I hit both my tailbone and cranium, they thought it caused spinal injury. I had alike type of pain you're describing. The waves of ear ache and sharp head pains, but I thought and they said it was related to the concussion. Just to be out of danger you should see a doctor. Before you go, DON'T take Advil or anything. I did, and they have to wait for a while before they could do Xrays which sucked. So..yeah. Get it checked out purely to be safe.

LL Source(s): Experience?
meh i dunno go to your doctor!!

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