Why does my ankle hurt everytime i run?

Im 15 years old, and every time i run or do any sport that requires running theres a litle sharp pain contained by my left ankle. I have get it checked and the docter said nothing is wrong. For some reason it does not hurt unless i run. So if i lately walk normally and do the stuff i own to do my left ankle is fine, does not hurt at all. But as soon as i start jogging/running I get the impression that sharp pain in my ankle. I love running and playing sports but it is really holding me subsidise because the sharp pain hurts. I dont have any injury or anything. Can anyone please give an account me why this is happening??
i think becuase when you run you put alot of pressure on your knees and ankles and they probably gave out!
You probably have stress fractures within your ankle. Stress fractures are very small breaks that are hard to detect and usually can't be see on a normal x-ray. That's definitly sounds like what you're describing! They won't put a form on for stress fractures, just an air style or a boot for a couple weeks. Stay off of it and ice it and maintain it still and elevated. Good Luck! Source(s): med school
Without examining you I can't be sure; it may be a good idea to see an osteopath to see if near is a biomechanical imbalance (in your feet, ankles or legs) cause excess strain to be placed on one of your ankle ligaments. This could be because of your foot structure - it is quite common for a pronation or supination (eversion or inversion) partiality to become exaggerated when running and certain footwear or orthotics can correct this.
Also considering your age and that you are athletic, the combination of growth and strain from sports can cause ligaments and/or tendons to stretch and verbs on their attachment to the bone - periosteum, the covering of bone, contains a great deal of pain quick to respond nerve endings.
Bear surrounded by mind also that as you grow your body structure is altering constantly and this may disappear with time; interestingly your legs grow one at a time, with the other afterwards catching up, and uneven leg length - even of 1 or 2mm - can be a common (and recurrently overlooked) cause of foot and ankle problems.
See an osteopath for preference (or chiropracter) or at least possible someone who specialises in sports injuries and who can give suggestion as to strapping, appropriate types of trainer for your foot structure etc. In the meantime, an ankle support (of the type you can get an a chemist) and hot/cold treatment may help.
Re: the above, stress fractures are unlikely short trauma (unless your patient is osteopoenic), and would give headache constantly, increasing on weightbearing, NOT just on running.
Here's something to try. Go to a sporting goods store and buy a two of a kind of superfeet, inserts for the shoes you run in. They're not too expensive and make average shoes fit better. It worked for me.
conceivably you should try running with high top shoes to hand over your ankle a little better support.

One of your trainers or coaches might be capable of help you get into a routine so that sooner or later that pain will go away.

Somehow this is the same problem my friend have.But its reversed,you see when he doesn't be in motion his ankle makes a stinging strain,he says that it happened to him 2 years ago he's be wondering why it came back.You might be growing hurried or maybe you might need to acquire some medicine.
i don't know what it is, but maybe if you stretch it every time previously you run it wouldn't hurt.
if its little, walk thru it, be a man, youll be fine. go to a doctor. sports are the best thing ever and are no fun if ur hurt
Your doctors on crack. grasp a new one:)
Well, if the doc says zilch is wrong, I guess there is nothing wrong. BUT that's not to say-so that there isn't a problem.If I was you, I'd assume of getting a brace for when you run/play sports. Also, just for kicks, focus on how you run. If your disappeared foot is somehow twisted or not lined up how it should, that would cause a bit of misery. Hope this helps.
um maybe you have a chipped bone or somthing? when you get it checked by the doctor did u get ex-rays? well hope i help.
wear good running shoes not cheap ones or skate shoes thats what help me

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