How long do braces hurt after you bring them?

I am scheduled to receive braces 4 days before I set out for a week vacation. I know I can take Advil and stuff to relieve twinge, but I'm just curious to how long they initially hurt, because I'd rather not be surrounded by so much pain while on the trip.

ps- if you have ever have braces feel free to tell me almost your personal expirence with pain.
Not too long. Source(s): Sister with braces.
Well I have braces since 5th grade (now in 9th) and when I first get them they hurt. But I didn't like my ortho guy and we kinda stopped going...(whoops!) Ha ha so when we found a new ortho who is so awesome! We changed. He took adjectives of my old braces off and I be given 1 week of freedom. I ate so much sticky stuff. They when I when to get them back on I forgot how much they have hurt. I can't take advil or stuff like that make happen it doesn't help me. (Shocker!) Ha ha so I had the devour foods that were soft for about 5-6 days. After after i forgot I had braces. Good luck and make sure to BRUSH your teeth, it will relieve in the long run! Good Luck and Have fun on Vacation!
I have to get braces on the top front four teeth three years ago. It wasn't really bad. It did hurt, but not to the point where on earth I couldn't manage it. It was mostly humiliated. I had to get used to have something between the inside of my lips and my teeth. But you get used to it. And the throbbing will eventually go away. Just don't play with your braces.
Good luck.
About a week. Advil and stuff works when your teeth are sore, but it does zilch to help when eating! When I first get braces, I couldn't even bite in to a cracker because of the pain. I be stuck to slurpees for lunch. But it gradually wears bad. Just start with soft food. Every month or so, you'll get your braces tightened. This cause the soreness (but not nearly as bad as the pain of first getting braces) that last maybe for a day or two. You may also bring back rubber bands which may be painful at first.
mine never hurt me similar to once or twice when they tightened them
but again i had a kick butt orthodonist(my BFFS dad)
They should just hurt for a few days after you get them. Before you leave your orthodontist, clear sure there are not any wires poking your gums, cheeks, or chops. You definitely should bring plenty of yogurt, pudding, and jello on vacation near you. It's hard to chew most food the first few days. Good luck! Make sure you wear your rubberbands. :)
unlike all those other stupid answers that narrate you it will hurt if you get them done...i have have braces before and i can honestly say it solely hurts when you get them tightened.good luck
i got braces in febuary and to relate the honest to they killed for about 4-5 days unless i took advil//motrin.

you should drink soup, icecream, pudding & mashed stuff like potatoes. after three days start trying more solid foods.

hope i help:) Source(s): still have braces
mine hurt for one week after i got them on, after that they merely hurt for about a day every time u procure them worked on…
It make your teeth feel loose. It hurts to bite down or to eat. You have a feeling the pain once your teeth touch something. It's different for everyone but my teeth hurt for about 2-3 days in the past they got used to the pulling. Source(s): I had braces for 3 years! I get mine off this year :D
I just got my braces today! :)
It doesn't really hurt right presently, I got them around 10 and it's 12:33PM.
I don't really think it hurts, if anything it's going to be super sore. My teeth discern sorta' sore-ish right now, they're starting to move a little I devise.
i have have my braces for a year and a half. the first day i get them it didnt hurt. but the second dayit hurt so bad i was cryin!! and it be my birthday!! dont worry aboout it the pain will be in motion away in 2 days. if it still hurts take some advil. hope u touch better!
1st morning: sore
2nd-3rd day: throbbing! hurts like a mother...
4th morning: getting better!
5th day: your apposite to go!
Load up with IBprofen!lol.

Hope This Helps! :)
Yeah just take some drug, it should work and when you bite down on food it gives you a bad backache , just eat liquid!
But the pain wasn't unbearable for me and i have reeealllyy bad teeth!
in good health i have braces... for the first few days it hurts so try to eat a moment ago softish things like soup and appelsauce. I'm getting my braces off within 2 days so it all pays off :D
I just got braces, and it be fine for the first few hours then after that I couldn't move my mouth without impossible pain. For me it lasted roughly speaking 5 - 6 days but it can be better.
you might not need the advil in reality. "uncomfortable" is the best way to describe it. I didn't believe people when they said it would have a feeling like nothing after awhile, but it's true! It took me nearly a week, eating is annoying at first but eventually you don't feel it at adjectives.

Only painful experiences I had be accidentally scraping the side of my cheek but it healed hurried and I always made sure the orthodontist made it clean and made sure in that were no sharp edges. Good luck! Source(s): my braces experience of 3 yrs. Got them off 2 yrs ago
For me it hurt for like four days and then it kept hurting when they would retighten them every month but not as fruitless as the first time. Yay they're taking them off on July!! :)
the lowest possible 5 days the most a week and a half..
You should be sense pretty good by the time you leave for your break.
The very first afternoon i got them they didnt hurt at all, they simply felt weird contained by my mouth.The second day, THEY HURT LIKE HELL, and yes i cried, i took an asprin, which worked really good. they singular hurt for like 3 or 4 days after, just cause sure u take an asprin every day! I'm sure ull be fine for ur time off, just eat soft foods(mashed potatoes, soup etc.)

Wish you luck! :)
2 to 3 days Source(s): I got them not that long ago
When I had braces they hurt for maybe a week after my monthly check ups and adjustment. Source(s): Advil should help. Back then I never thought to give somebody a lift anything.
A week maximum
I had braces a few years ago. When they first put it on my mouth get sore like an hour after they put it on. Then it was sore for just about two weeks. I ate like pudding and stuff. After two weeks or so I could sort of eat firm food bu it still hurt like crap. But after like a month a could guzzle hard food without any affliction.
I have have braces for 4 months now, and they didnt hurt when i first got them, but the subsequent day and the day after they hurt alot.

What i did be take advil and put ice on the cheek and it no longer hurt so do that on leave and ull have an awesome time!
3 or 4 days.. possibly 5.
Three days is normal, but probably 2. five max. it really depends on what they are doing to your mouth
i don't know i hear that they don't hert they are just sore. but not for long i don't think. never have braces
When I had them they hurt for the first two weeks and for just about three days after each time they got tightened.

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