Why do my knuckles hurt so unpromising?

For the last couple weeks my fingers/knuckles have be really sore when i wake up in the morning,close to a constant pain. it tends to contentment up as the day goes on though. they also grain very stiff and cramp up in a strange way,they dont function properly either within the morning,i feel like everything is much harder to do.have anyone else had something like this? if you did,what be the problem?
I don't know, But you may be having the symptoms of arthritis, I contemplate spefically Osteoarthritis.Osteoarthritis affects commonly on Knuckles, your symptom. maybe seedoctor
economically you sound like you are 70+ years older and in that case it would something approaching arthritis. but if you aren't and you are young, have you cracked your knuckles seriously? that happens to me sometimes where my fingers hurt and knuckles are sore because i crack them too much. but after i crack them they get the impression better, which probably isn't a good thing. If you do crack them, try not to crack them anymore and merely let your fingers get used to not person cracked and you should eventually feel better. if not phone call a doctor. hope this helps.
Yes, my sister has duplicate problem. This happens because she cracks and pops her knuckles and fingers A LOT! She takes some tylenol or advil to bring in it feel better. Or it could be artheritis. Talk to your doctor.
oh I have that problem!
Its This.

You sleep beside a fist or with bent knukles.
You sleep on your hands(whether you know it or not)
your hands you extreamly numb,
sometime contained by the night you change positions
your foot refill with neede blood
and thats what give you that cramp in your fingers
i've been playing my guitar profoundly and my joints act up. I also crack my knuckles and fingers I don`t know thats your prob.

take bayer extra strength
You need to lubricate them with tortoise pee.
did you mention you are 90 yrs. old?

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