How to break your leg?

could u break ur leg by twisting it urself ? or if not

give me some other ways plz
There was a kid in my scool who broke his leg playing musical chairs.
Simply Jump from a building, usually a single story house, if you jump from the roof, onto bricks or concrete landing on one leg, you should break the leg, but unfortunately, if the break is sophisticated up in the leg, treatment will be longer and more painful.
I ponder you'd be better off either dropping something extremely weighty, like a bowling ball from a soaring ledge, onto your leg.
Otherwise, you could cause a Spinal Injury and temporaraliy paralise yourself for a few weeks/months.
use a hammer
or you could break it by twisting it if you strong enough
Why the hell do you want to break your leg?!
Do you have any idea how hurting it is? My husband broke his leg in three places and he had to be on CRUTCHES for 7 months! Do you enjoy any idea how complicated that is? That sucks...He couldn't do anything he usually does, did you come up with of that? You sound like you enjoy some serious issues. Are you just doing this for attention or because you want to get out of something? My god you could attain paralyzed for life like the other's here hold said, or have severe nerve overexploit and pain for the rest of your LIFE. This question is really disturbing, what you REALLY requirement to do is talk to someone, or better yet, see a Physchiatrist...*I have an idea that MEL is 100% right along with most of the other's here...(except for the people who in actual fact TELL you how to do it,) Jeeezzz. Source(s): My Brain...
stick it under a bus :)
I don't feel the human brain allows the body to voluntarily harm itself in that dedicated way... a bit like physically strangling yourself, your brain will purely make your arms limp or in poor health so that you can't twist your leg off.

If you want to break your legs, a short time ago land on them really hard.
Jump off something really high and don't bend your knees, if you die this is surrounded by no way an assisted suicide.
its kind of like trying to use your own hand to break your own neck... you body isn't really capable of that... im not sure you your self can generate plenty force to break your own leg. you'd have to use something to do it with. why the heck would you want to? it's beyond bloody and you could cause permanentnt damage!
ni dont ruminate u can. u could fall out of a tree. or ya fall bad of something. but i wouldnt try to break it if i were u for any reason. you might accidently approaching really hurt yourself ex: if u fall out of a tree trying to break your leg you might accidntly land on your spine and be stuck contained by a wheel chair forever. i dont know why u wanna break your leg but i wouldnt if i be u . :)
Good God, why would you want to do that? Do you have any belief how much breaking your leg hurts and how debilitating that will be? You could have problems walking for the rest of your existence.

That said, I think the mob uses a sledge hammer.
Jump sour the deck/throw something heavy at it.

But why would you want to bring that much pain to you, or anyone else? I reflect on violence is not the answer. If you're having trouble, cooperate to someone or call an anonymous hotline.

Good luck!

You are loved by God! Source(s): I've broken my leg (accidentally) and it really hurts, and I can't do anything by myself.
not sure wat u need it for but u should try getting hit by a car that route u can sue 2 =]
Climb up a tree.
Jump off at a modest height.
land on your leg funny.
It WILL hurt.
dont utter i didnt worn you!
why do you want to break it for?
fall over out of a HIGH tree my mate did it and broke his collar bone, leg and arm! Source(s): my BRAIN!
i dont know
I broke mine driving a scooter into a motor, I dont recommend it
oh so you want to risk rupturing an artery or vein and possibly crippling yourself for life? backbone damage is not cool. or maybe when you break it, a oil embolism or blood clot will travel up to a lung, lodge in there and slaughter you.

there are better ways to get attention or disability afterwards breaking a leg.

i dont think you can break a leg by just twisting it near your hands. the ER would laugh at you, and submit you for a psych eval.
why would you want to break your leg?
Depends on what bone you are conversation about, but generally no. You can't create satisfactory force just twisting it to break your femur or your lower leg bones but you could do damage to the ligaments contained by your knee twisting it.

There are a lot of ways to break a leg, none of which I would suggest. Breaking a bone is extremely hurting.
falling off of a couch worked for me!
.Ok..I hope this isn't for some sort of insurance fraud scam.

If it isn't...ask someone who hates you to hit you dead on near their car, or jump of a roof...

EVEN BETTER! Go skateboarding next to the idiots from Jackass!
jump stale a deck
That is a strange interrogate, but I will tell you what an emergency room doctor told me. The hardest bones to break in your body are the legs bones. They are as strong as cement, especially considering you are youthful and probably don't have any kind of bone disease, approaching Osteoporosis.
I will add that I am a chronic pain tolerant BECAUSE of all the broken bones and ensuing surgeries. If you resembling months of physical therapy, pills that make you throw up, and eternal doctor visits, then I don't know what to articulate. I have spent years in agony and physical therapy, and do not wish that on anyone. and, close to another poster wrote, you could not only break you leg, but maybe injure something else that would be track worse. Source(s):…

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