IS it ok to split a 15mg Morphine (ETH)Immediate time release pill within partially?

IF so,what will happen,higher risk of overdose,smaller duration?
yes you can cut it in partly, as long as you are sure it is IMMEDIATE release and not EXTENDED release.
Nothing will happen, you will just receive half the dose (and because of this it will stay in your system for smaller number time)

Although, of course, if you weren't prescribed morphine, then you shouldn't help yourself to it. But, if you are and just don't want the full dose you should be fine.
Hope you feel better soon! Source(s): RN student
That should be okay. There is no danger of over dose, unless the partially of that 15mg is still over the recommended dose that your MD has prescribed. There should be no problem cause that pills is immediate release unless its coated with enteric coating next that med should never be split. Enteric coating should only be absorbed within the intestines and not in the stomach thus the coating.
Should be okay.
Ps. If 15mg is your recommended dose, you shouldn't split the pill. :)
No, don't split the pill you will not get ample medication. Source(s):…
I don't deem your going to get any educated answers. I'll relate you why. For one the amount of people that take a 15mg Morphine Inmmediate time release pill are highly small. The odds are you wont find a person who does use this pill. Even if you did the probability are against you once again, who would try to cut it in half? And who would Know the effects. If it be overdose they wouldn't be able to tell you because they are very soon dead.

how roughly speaking you call the nearest hospital and talk to someone on give the name.

wow...I'm a CNA and I'm around that all day! ASK YOUR DOCTOR! Below me, all right, that's exactly why he's below me...nuff said.
no its not ok 15 mg of morphine is a lot of medicine, yes it is a difficult risk of overdose especially if you mix with other drugs. play it safe and dont do it
probably an overdose,that is not a smart or kool entry to do thousands of people have died this are to valuable to loose- go call in some friends and have some real fun that you will remember the subsequent day.

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