Why is my arm so cold?

in the past few days, the inside of my not here arm is really, really cold. although it feels at normal body heat to the touch, the sensation is one of extreme cold. it feels like within is a permanent ice pack attached to my arm. it can capture so bad as to feel bleeding. i dont have any other symptoms.
thanking everyone contained by advance of your replies
Have you presently get it hanging outside your bedroom window? If so, close the glass and keep warm.
It most likely means you enjoy poor blood flow. Do you have osteoporosis? It's a common problem for mature women.

My friend's mother had the same problem. The best article you can do is see a physical therapist and figure out some honourable treatment for it. Maybe ask another question in Y!A on how to relieve Osteoporosis on your elbow/shoulder.
Go to the docs could be a trapped nerve
that sometimes happens to me i i went to the doctor but he said that nearby was nothing wrong next to me so i just figured it have to do with poor circulation or something like that.
One of the deliberate clues to having the antibitoniary (ABT) syndrome is getting a cold arm. This Symptom develops very tardy on so therefore contact your GP asap. Source(s): Medical school 4 years. PhD contained by tropical diseases.
might be poor circulation but i would find it checked out as your left arm is heavily affected by heart problems
Have you be hit in it, I had something similar once after individual kneed in the leg.
Could be a self-assurance problem, go to your doctor, there could be something more going on.
lol, go to the docter man, im no profesional
It's psychosomatic. You need a lobotomy. Let me draw from my saw.
it could be due to the nerves iin your arm since you have throbbing as well however if would be a good hypothesis to visit your doctor they can see what may be going on in the indicate time try a mild analgesic or a pain relieving cream such as movalat im sorry i couldnt give you a clear-cut answer since symptoms of this nature can be caused by numerous conditions Source(s): sounds comfortable
puberty lol
Could be a problem with the blood flow.
its a friggin spectre, he is sitting on your arm
i would also suggest going to a doctor it sounds resembling an internal blood clot to me or a trapped nerve.
also keep rubbing your arm.

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