How soon can I top up my vicodin script?

I get a months supply of vicodin at a time from pain headship and usually get it refilled in the order of or around the same time every month. This month I am out early as I regard someone stole a bunch from me. (we have teens frequenting the house) the script was chock-a-block on feb 11th. Im out as of tmrw. How soon can I get it refilled at walmart. Will they enjoy a problem with me refilling to rash? Is there a set duration for refills? any answers would aid. I dont want them thinking im abusing cuz Im not. thanx
depends on your pharmacy, insurance, and doctor. It all depends on whether or not they allow you.
The issue associated with refilling prescriptions impulsive is that insurance is extremely strict. When your prescription is filled originally it will have a days supply calculated by the sig (or directions) your doctor writes. If you permeate 2 days before you should be up per those instructions it will give you a 'refill too soon' error. You can other pay cash for your drugs, and hydrocodone apap 5-500 (vicodin) is mostly inexpensive. The pharmacy staff should have no issues with giving your meds precipitate as vicodin isn't really powerful enough to be abused as you can only bring a few due to the Tylenol content.
The insurance sometimes is strict and they'll go for a week in mortgage but, the feds won't. This is up to the druggist. Mine will go for a week, you can try but, don't count on it. Next time hide your pills.
You shouldn't own a problem getting it refilled, it is your prescription.Your insurance agency may block it if it hasn't been a month and they wont settle up for it.But if you pay out of pocket its ok. Call your pharmacy and explain the situation. And don't worry what they imagine, I had some Vicodin stolen AT THE WALMART pharmacy by the people who work nearby.
i'm a pharmacy tech and i can tell u for sure that if u hold a refill u can get it rash. however, ins might not pay. they generally confer a 3-5 day "grace on controlled medications. near that said, it is ALWAYS up to the pharmacists as to if THEY will fill it. factors jump into this choice. if u get it early alot or own had issues before ect. they do own the right to say no. if they do, and u disagree, u can transfer ur script else where on earth. with vicodin u can only verbs it 1x. so next month u would have to stir back to the pharmacy you had it trans to.

if u enjoy never had issue, i would go within and tell them u accidently dropped in sink or toilet. (believe or not we capture that alot!). SOME and i mean SOME insurances will cover it 1x under confident circumstances. if they dont u can ask for them to give u just satisfactory pills to get u to the date that it will be covered. but please please be nice! i cant tell u how lots times customers have come in yellin and screamin for us to "fix it" we do enjoy the right to turn u away and not help. the nicer u r the more we r! :) good luck!! and be cautious with rx next time so u won't enjoy issue again. Source(s): certified pharmacy tech
i assume it can be refilled every 30 days.
call the Dr,as the pharmacist is barred to make this decision:renew or don't renew a prescription-especially niggle killers.
It depends on how you are advised to take the pills. If you have a prescription for 28 tablets and it tells you that you can pocket 1 every 6 hours that would mean that you have a 7 year prescription. I get that by figuring you can nick 4 a day (every 6 hours). So, 4 tablets a day for 7 days would equal 28 tablets. That would penny-pinching you could get your prescription refilled on the 7th morning. If you get it on Sunday that would be considered one day. So you hold Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You could have that prescription refilled again on the the Saturday. I hope this help. I take medication regularly and that is how it works for me. I sure hope some of those "teenagers" you own in your home are not really stealing from you, that would be a very hopeless situation. Best of luck with your medication and those theives!! Sad what we have to progress through these days!! Take care.
The issue associated next to refilling prescriptions early is that the regulations on innards Controlled Substances are extremely strict. Yes, insurance can be a factor, in that they will not pay for refill prior to the 30 day limit. However, I've encounter unwilling pharmacists even when presenting cash payment for meds. It DOES depend on the individual pharmacist. I own run short of meds by only ONE day, afterwards the pharmacist forced me to wait until the 31st day to restock, causing me to be without meds for TWO days.

Since near were only 28 days contained by February, and you filled your script on the 11th, you'll probably have to continue until at least March 10 or 11 to refill your meds. THAT is if the pharmacist is likely to fill you a day or two rash.

I wouldn't tell the pharmacy about the possibility of have your meds stolen. This could raise a red flag, and you may be expected to file a police complaint.

Pharmacists do enjoy the discretion to fill a script between 25-30 days, especially if you are a cash paying customer. Some pharmacists are prepared to fill a bit early, some will brand you wait the full 30 days.

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