Do I requirement an ID to pick up my prescription of Lortabs?

I lost my ID this week. Also, I LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA.
*If you have been dealing near one pharmacy there for years and they know you by name and know your info later they may not need one. Have another form of picture ID or Social Security card, phone bill, something that has your identify on it and one other form of ID. This generally will work. Get the ID asap.
It depends on state laws and the internal controls surrounded by place at the pharmacy. There are some here in Arizona that only require that you verify the address when the script is picked up and others, similar to CVS, that require an ID to both drop off and pick up controlled substances. You need to ring your pharmacy and find out what their policy is, or what the law requires. Anyone who works in the pharmacy will be capable of provide you with this information. Source(s): Pain management forgiving
i have never be id'd to pick up oxycontin even lol i don't they are going to bother you about some lortab!
Most pharmacies that I've seen require ID for narcotics and control substances, so you most promising would need an ID. I'd either jump get a new ID or own a family member pick it up, since they will release it to a own flesh and blood member as long as they have their ID.
I live in Indiana and here you have to own your ID to pick up any narcotic prescription. But, if you have lost yours, you may be able to transport someone who is over 18 and has a picture ID to get it for you. When I have surgery and couldn't leave the house my friend picked up my Percocet for me with no problems. I know that different states can enjoy different guidelines so just call your Pharmacy and find out if you can dispatch someone in for you and if not after maybe they can find another solution for you.
No man, you can get your Ma's Lortabs. They might ask you for her birthday.
No, I move about to the CVS pharmacy and pick up a controlled substance, and all the information they require, is the first and last pet name Source(s): duh
i dont think you do onlt ay costco to i enjoy to show mine.

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