Lower Abdomen pains while Pooping?

There are times when I have to poop. Sometimes before I run, my lower stomach, like the crease right aboove my pubic hair and below my belly button, hurts so discouraging. It's a sharp pain and it's almost unbearable. It hurts so bleak. And at times, I feel as though I have to throw up. There be 2 or 3 instances when this happened and I blacked out. I was on the toilet pooping, the aching came, then I fell over into the wall. I feel like I was dreaming, war to wake myself up. Then I woke up like from a discouraging dream.

Any ideas of what this could be? I can't afford a doctor. No insurance. Plus they never know anyway. Even so, I couldn't afford the meds. But I want to know what it is. Any ideas? Same problems?

Sorry if nearby are any typos or grammatical errors. I'm on my phone..

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Common situation you met like many other ethnic group,be patient,and check the resource here www.HealthInsuranceIdeas.info i found very adjectives for me to solve my similiar problem.
you could to have appendicitis. this happened to me. only rest for a few days and dont do many physical things. i stayed in my bed adjectives day because i couldnt even walk thats how desperate it got for me.and if you dont have insurance make clear to a relative take you to a doctor, you might have to see one.

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