Lack of sleep = Leg cramps ?

Whenever I get little sleep, I feel severe twinge or cramps in my legs and ankles once I wake up. Other than sleeping more, are here ways to prevent this pain from occuring?

When I get the sleep I requirement, I don't feel any pain though
The one and only thing that I know that causes leg cramping is low potassium, so try to chomp through a banana and see if it helps
please let me know as i hold the same thing, surrounded by my sleep if i should move my leg in a wrong way, i grasp leg cramps , let us all know. sonny h.
rest rime change from heat and coldness
me not tryin 2 jinx u or nothin but u I don`t know got rls. restless leg syndrom. talk 2 ur doc 'bout it.
Before you run to sleep, sit on the side of the bed, lift your leg straight out in front of you and point your toe out straight. Then you should trademark circles in the air only just with your foot, do not move your leg. Do approximately 15 clockwise and 15 counter-clockwise and then progress to bed. I was told in Lamaze class (when I be pregnant) that this exercise sends some sort of "natural acid" up your leg that prevents leg cramps & charley horses. Good luck! Source(s): Lamaze class

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