Why does my teen daughters toes turn purple when cold?

My daughters toes and fingers turn blue - purple when they are cold. Sometimes even when they are not cold!

Why is this happening? I researched a little and it might be a circulation problem. Any suggestions?

We dont enjoy insurance right now, but will in a couple weeks. I definately will purloin her to Doc. then.
My fingers procure blue and purple too I’m fine… I agree- poor circulation. Also, if your daughter is very skinny, she may just not have satisfactory insulation to keep her warm.
Raynaud’s Phenomenon is a disorder that affects the blood vessel in the fingers, toes, ears and nose. This disorder is characterized by episodic spasms, call vasospastic attacks, which cause the small blood vessels within the fingers and toes to constrict (tighten or close) and change color. Along with the fingers and toes, the feeler, lips or ear lobes can be affected. Raynaud’s phenomenon can go on on its own (Primary Raynaud’s Phenomenon), or it can occur with another condition (Secondary Raynaud’s Phenomenon)..

Primary Raynaud’s Phenomenon: Also set as Raynaud’s disease, Primary Raynaud’s Phenomenon is the most common and the milder of the two types. A person who have primary Raynaud’s has no other diseases or associated medical problems that may cause Raynaud’s symptoms. About 75 percent of adjectives cases of Primary Raynaud’s Phenomenon are diagnosed in women between ages 15 and 40. People with the primary form once in a blue moon develop the other diseases associated with Raynaud’s such as lupus or scleroderma.
My sister and I both turn purple and get neon orange sploches when we are cold and win all veiny. My sister was tested and doesnt enjoy Ray Nods. It could just be bad circulation = )
It sounds like poor circulation. It could possibly be Ray-nods Syndrome, a circulatory disorder i.e. fairly common. Basically the capillary constrict making blood flow sluggish. It can make fingers and toes look purple. I suffer from it myself and can't seem to find nouns. It is something you should consult a doctor with. If it is a circulatory problem you don't want to let it be in motion to far. Good luck, hope it works out and is nothing serious. Source(s): Personal experience

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