Why does my tailbone hurt?

It started to hurt in the beginning of June. I freshly ignored it, thinking there be no problem. Now it's October and it still hurts. It's not unbearable, but it's starting to annoy me. I didn't do anything to hurt it, but what do you think the problem is?
omgsh im 14 2 and i have the same problem. its been hurting 4 months, but it get better as long as you wait it out, and dont be rough or anything. you may have broken it, but more potential you bruised it prty bad. thers no problem, it just get banged up a little bit. trust me, i know exactly wut ur goin thru.
Hey Stef, I know what it's resembling. Im 15 and I used to have massive knee pains when I be 14. They lasted for about a year and be definetly unbearable, all's well know and I've kinda grown out of it. It works a moment or two like this, your body is growing and so some bones and joints may touch like their hurting sometimes and the pain may closing for quite a long time but if you're sure you haven't hurt it in anyway, afterwards I'd safely say you'll be okay if you can carry it and get through with it. It'd be a right idea to maybe call in a professional who could presecribe some kinda exercises and things for it, but other than that I'd say that surrounded by a couple of months you'll forget you even had it.

And about adjectives these other guys and gals saying youve broken in or your duration is in danger, I'd forget about it. If you haven't fall over badly not long, its nothing serious. And besdies, tail bone fractures/bruises last for a few weeks (fell past its sell-by date a ladder once, had one of those too)
As i said, a short time ago wait it out and you'll be great or see a doctor if you'd like to see what you can do to mitigate the pain away.
And good luck next to it :) Source(s): Life and my doctor - funny guy actually.
You may be growing a TAIL!
I have had this alot also..

It can be from a injury that you didn't relize you get.

I do know if someone hits it or you fall over the summer it will continue to hurt for several months.

I fell 2 summers ago capably roller blading and my is still bruised sometimes it will never feel better.

I suggest talking to you're parents and going to see a household doctor.
did you stumble on your butt?
here may be some reasons:

(Tailbone Pain)

What causes coccydynia?

Coccydynia is habitually caused by an injury, but it may occur seemingly spontaneously. There are copious causes of tailbone pain which can mimic coccydynia, including sciatica, infection, pilonidal cysts, and fractured bone.

its called your coccyx
you might have fractured it..not broke the bone but might hold cracked. who knows

go to the doctor, relate him about your coccyx, this will make you nouns professional and ur doctor will take you seriously
and he'll check it out for you. if he thinks you might enjoy broke it then you might have to walk to a x ray to determine if u fractured it or not

good luck
Happens sometimes to me, but not for this long. Usually it will hurt if you bruised it...which can be caused by sitting down too strong. This may sound funny, but try not to slam your butt down in your form when you sit, becuase this can cause the on-going bruising. Try sitting down carefully and avoid complex seats as best you can (although i know it's hard sometimes next to school seats.) If it doesn't shift away after about a week of sitting carefully, agree to your doctor- there may be a fracture especially if it hurts while you are standing as well.
Hope it feel better!
i enjoy a friend who has the same problem
he say that he goes to the charipracter and it doesn't hurt no more but he goes 1 daylight every week
progress to the doctor and they'll tell you
I think you should run see the doctor about it..

maybe you hold some sort of sickness you need to get checked out. ask your parents around it
GO to doctor, u could have spinal cord probs l8tr in natural life.

bruised or broken
its very possible that you fell, and bruised you tail bone and it does take time for that to make well
you got boned too hard
iono you sure your not gettin too friendly with any of your friends?
dude go to the doctor own it check out
btw did u fall on it or something?

i crashed snowboarding and injured my tailbone, and it hurts to sit and i like cant site for more then 20 mins. did u injure your subsidise at all because i know that my tail bone caused my lower fund and spine to hurt so myabe yours is like the other way around or something. walk to the doctor and check it out because it could aslo be fluid build up.
in good health if u want my scientific answer.. ur coccyx appears broken sorry if that is wrong i contemplate u should go to the dr and check it out
good luck!

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