Help my earring get stuck on my foot?

aaa plz help i was walking minus shows and there was an earring on the floor and i accidently stepped on it and its stuck surrounded by my foot help how do i take it bad i tried pulling but it hurts too badly
bite a towel, and jus pull it out swiftly as u can, and then get sum spasm killers and wrap it up, you will b fine
make sure your foot is verbs b4 you take it cause it could draw from infected
then carefully cart it on if you yank it out you could make it seriously worse then put some antiseptic cream on it and put a plaster on it. no need 2 clutch a pain killer unless it starts to really hurt.i'm sure you'll be fine.
=] Source(s): happen to me b4 only it was a peace of chalice
I don't know on how to get it out but sounds close to you're just going to have to verbs!
And also, you might need a tetanus shot if you haven't had one.
just tweak it out quickly and make sure you clean up the surrounding skin with alcohol and put some topical medicines on it approaching Neosporin and put a bandage over it after

also to sooth the pain put rime over it, trust me it worked for me when i stepped on a nail.
Just yank it out and clean the nouns with some disinfectant on a cloth. If the area looks resembling it may be infected then see a Dr. Good luck. :)
the faster you carry it done, the less it will hurt. So just close your eyes, and rip it out. once the erring is out, it will relieve some anguish
Wash it with soap as a lube. Possibly filch some pain killers up to that time you pull it out? Good luck.
You'll have to be brave and treat it like a plaster. Pull it out sudden.
you should go to the ER if it it stuck adjectives the way in your foot. you should never verbs anything out your self.
I did the same thing you enjoy to yank it out ,oh and it contines to hurt even after you get it out, mise all right pull it out now otherwise you are gonna be surrounded by pain longer Source(s): personal exp..
ouch.. that would kill.

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