It really hurts when i sneeze/ cough/laugh

When i do anything that i have to tense my stomach, it hurts within the bottom of my belly.Is this just cause conceivably i did a little more excerise than usual?
How long have you been contained by pain? It could be from anything. You could have a GI Bleed, an Ulcer, a worm within your intestines, you could be constipated, depending on how long the pain has last already I woundl't let it go for more than a week and I would any go to the ER or try to get surrounded by with your Doc as soon as possible. It could a real simple article or something that needs immediate medical attention. Source(s): Certified Medical assistant
You enjoy probably just strained a muscle in your stomach. The muscles in that kind of criss-cross over your stomach as well as link up and down the way, so I think it would be glib to over do it and hurt with exercise. Maybe set yourself a limit for it notion better, then visit your Doctor? Say, donate it a week and if its no better at all, it could be time to have it checked out. Hope that help. x
Very likely you own pulled a muscle doing more exercise then usual, i have similar item going on in my groin when i push myself on very long walk, i get a bad spasm the following day, just mitigate off the exercise for a few days, you should recover fine.
It sounds approaching you've most probably pulled/ strained a muscle.
You'll need to rest and make sure you don't build upon the strain becuase this will slow down the remedial process and make it worse. If you rest properly, it will probably go contained by around 2 days.
Next time you excerise make sure you warm up properly and throughly. Source(s): I've have these symptoms before after excerising.
dance see ur gp Source(s): i am a doctor
yesss its totally possiable if you have done more exercise then commonplace.your body just isnt used to it. if you are really worried though go see a doctor. but i imagine you are just very sore. skip your routine exercises tonight and purely go for a walk or something.
stir get yourself a blood test done for any presence of mono nucleosis to be nearby or not.. if not your safe..
I own had that before..your tummy might newly be feeling sensitive today..I get that sometimes.
how long has it be like this? if its not long, its sounds like you've pulled a stomach muscle. this is also plausible if it hurts when you sit up from laying down. this is nothing to verbs about, and will heal itself. this could enjoy happened by sports, mainly swimming, trampolining etc.
dont verbs! if it lasts more than a week, see your doc.
hope this helps! xxx
you may hold a hernia go and see a doctor befor it gets worse
it depends!
How much exercise did you do?
You could be sore from a core exercise.
You could own an ulcer or a hernia.
And if you are coughing ALOT, then your diaphram (sp?) could be sore.

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