Are ibuprofen 800 mg one and the same as vicodin? Do they contribute you impossible to tell apart effect?

No they are not the same.
Vicodin is hydrocondone, a narcotic pain reliever, for moderate to severe affliction. You must have a prescription.
Ibuprofen 800 mg is a mild to moderate pain reliever. You can by it across counter.

Edit: To clarify what someone closer said. Percodan (Percs) are oxycodone; Vicodin is hydrocondone
BOTH are available by prescription ONLY...

Yes, a person can lug 4 (non prescription) 200mg Ibuprofen for the same anti-inflammatory effect as 1 800mg prescription tablet.

Vicodin (hydrocodone + tylenol combination) is an opiate, narcotic and controlled substance. It's also highly addictive and used completely differently than Ibuprofen. A hydrocodone + ibuprofen combo call "Vicuprofen" is also available for people who do not tolerate tylenol [acetaminophen] well...

If you are poking around a medication cabinet, do NOT take anything not prescribed for you.

If you are in that much headache go to the ER and get treated beside the *right* medication for the *right* diagnosis. Source(s): Nurse
NO! are you dumb?!
No, the active ingredients are totally different. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, so it mostly helps throbbing by reducing swelling. Vicodin has acetaminophen and hydrocodone, and is a narcotic, which is why sometimes in some population can cause feelings of euphoria, but also make it so addictive and scary.
NOPE! Not even close
Heck no!
800 mg of ibuprofen does a pretty good job of slaughter pain, but when I am in physical pain, give me vicodin!

But if you don't hold a prescription for vicodin, yeah, i'd go for the ibuprofen--it's pretty good stuff.
No. and prescription, even the kind that you buy over the counter can be very chancy. Ibuprofen taken for a long period of time on an empty stomach will erode your stomach and net you throw up blood. Trust me. I'm living proof!
no, the vicodin would be stronger, for instance a

5/500 vicodin is 500mg. of ibuprofen and then 5 mg. of the narcotic
Ummm no, One is a pain reliever and one is a narcotic. You are probably thinking of Hydrocodone *Percs* which has a codeine foot in it.
An ibuprofen 800 mg is like taking 4 200mg over the counter pills. The other is a narcotic and it has a totally different effect.
No. Not at all.
My Aunt is a Nurse and she have given me 800mg of ibuprofen for a sprained wrist. They have charts on the internet for how much you should have by your; age, cargo.
They are not like, but Doctors are known to frequently replace vicodin with ibuprofen at this dose. It is the strongest amount of non-habit-forming/addictive available.
No, they are not the same type of drug. They affect the body differently and treat cramp in different ways. The Vicodin will have a stronger affliction relieving effect than even 800 mg Ibuprofen.
Vicoden is a controlled substance, and can own Tylenol, aspirin or ibuprofen in it, But ibuprofen is NOT vicodin... No it does not give impossible to tell apart effect. Vicoden is for moderate to severe pain
no, one is prescription,
Motrin is over the counter
Not even close. ibuprofen 800 is called Motrin. It is a very powerful misery killer for people near back, or joint misery. But it is very dangerous to your kidneys, and liver. But have few other side effects. Motrin requires a prescription.

Vicodin is a narcotic (prescription also) It is for very bad headache, like an earache, or toothache. It works on your central agitated system. It is a little less intricate on your kidneys, and liver, but it has side effects of its own:
1. Dizziness
2. Vomiting
3. It tends to net people sleepy.
4. It can cause short occupancy loss of memory.
5. Dehydration
6. Depression
7. Blurred vision
8. Allergies
9. Loss of sex drive

Most of the side effects go away once your body get used to it. But beware because it can be addicting.

Vicidin is really cheap if you have a prescription (about $8 for 15), but Motrin is not (about $30 for the same) . However you can buy generic 200mg ibuprofen at Wal-Mart (no prescription) and take 4 to capture the same pain bloodbath effect.

I am told vicodin is about $5-10 a pill on the street.
Of course they are not indistinguishable

One is an opiate, one is not
No, ibuprofen is non-steroidal ant-inflammatory drug and Vicodin is a narcotic with acetomenophin.
not in any way or form.
No, not at all, they are both affliction relievers but vicodin is stronger and works differently. Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory which is why it reduces pain, vicodin act within the brain to reduce aching.

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