How do u know if u broke your arm?

I slipped and fell in bathroom and hit the toilet. I know LMAO,,
my left arm is swollen and hurts feebly. pain is a 9. When I type pains shoots through my arm also when I touch my thumb to my pointer finger. Could it be broken?

thanks 4 your minister to.
Broken Arm Symptoms
Most broken arms have these symptoms:

A considerable amount of pain and increased pain when moving the arm


Maybe an evident deformity compared to the other arm

Possible open wound any from the bone puncturing the skin or from the skin being cut during the injury

Decreased sensation or inability to move the limb, which may indicate impudence damage
When to Seek Medical Care
Call your doctor after an accident if these signs are present:

Significant niggle that is not relieved by ice and home throbbing medications such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin)

A large amount of swelling or mild distortion of the arm compared to the opposite arm

Significant pain beside use or limited use of the affected arm

Pain contained by one specific part of the arm when it is pressed
Your doctor may advise you to walk directly to a hospital's emergency department. Under the following conditions, go directly to the hospital for emergency care:

Visible bone sticking out through the skin

Heavy bleeding from an friendly wound

Complete lack of movement or sensation of part of the arm

Obvious warp that looks drastically different from the usual appearance

Loss of consciousness

Many other injuries Source(s):
The pain is unbearable and even the slightest item make it hurt... like lifting a pencil.
it hurts alot duh
It certainly sounds possible. I deduce it's time for a trip to the ER/urgent care. A broken arm is potentially serious; get it taken precision of. Being able to move it does NOT necessarily mean it's not broken. Even if it's merely torn ligaments or bruised tendons, you need to have it checked.

Good luck.
yeah, sounds close to it. Go to the doc.
uhmm if its close to in a different angle and it looks out of place...its probably broke
If your arm is broken it will swell up and become untouchable. It sounds like you may enjoy broken it.
Get to a doctor asap.
It is definately possible that you have a fracture, it would be a good perception to get an ex-ray. Until you can get nearby put ice on it for 20 min at a time, no longer or you get the reverse effect., hold on to it supported by resting it on a pillow, this takes away any pressure on the arm. Get well soon.
If it hurts, it's not broken. If it's broken, you can't feel a damn thing.

Not broken, but you should grasp it checked. NOW
cant bend it dont always mean its broke swelling and anguish could be a bad bruise how long has it be and how bad is it swell. and your fingers should be whats hurting
I don't suppose so...
see a doctor, take xray, get hold of treatment.

or just feel where on earth its swollen to check if its intact. might hurt though.
Yes it is massively likely. But the only process to know is to get an X-ray. I recommend you going and getting that done right away. Why? Because it is no fun to sit around in aching! Get well soon! Source(s): Paramedic, BS Emergency Medical Care
Depending where u enjoy hit it you still may be able to move your arm. Generally there is a loss of movement. Also the amount of torment and swelling can also be a indication of the type or magnitued of the break if it is broken.
There are a few question u need to considor.

1.Did you hear a break at the time of the accedent?
2. Does the arm appear to be disformed.
3. Is in that pain on movement of the arm/ loss of movement.
4. In some cases decrease sensitisation
5. Skin puncture

It is big that all suspected factures are check out, as complications can occour. Realy to be safe a doctor requirements to do a full examination including looking for nerve or blood vessel incapacitate also.

There are many different types of breaks each will contribute varrying amounts of pain, movement etc. So dont listen to these people who enunciate you wouldnt be able to move it etc.

From the limited information you enjoy given i would say go acquire it checked out right away. Till then - RISE Rest Ice Stabalisation Elevation (Never put ice directly on the skin) Source(s): Disclaimer - Im not a doctor my answer is lately a opinion not advice
U will see ur bone have been dislocacted if u just try to examine it. If u affix details and tell me where u live i can email u the best orthopedics contained by ur city.
sometimes people can't feel within fingers if its that bad u might have broke it only get it checked out like me its pitiful i be runnin round the house and my wrist hit the wall i didn't think nothin bout it and the next day(today ) it be so bad i went to the doctor and i broke my wrist
you wont be able to bend it
resembling at all
if you can move it, it's probably just bruised or fractured. either method, go see a doctor.
It could be broken or just sprained. People usually associate pain next to a worst outcome. I broke three bones in my wrist and it didnt even hurt. I thought I just bang it really hard, so I waited a few hours and it started to swell to the size of a tennis bubble and turned black and blue. So just because it hurts alot it doesn neccessarily mean its broken but it is a obedient indicator. Also, if its badly swollen and/or change contained by color. But you should definitely get it checked out of late to be on the safe side.
It sounds broken. When I broke my finger, it hurt so discouraging when I typed for weeks that learned to type with one paw. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible. If you wait too long, they'll hold to rebreak it to get it straight.
It sould be, perhaps an x-ray is within order to find out for sure.
if it was broken you would be howling surrounded by pain and couldnt even touch it. you probably bruised it badly or newly sprained it.
Rest it completely now, surrounded by a sling, and get to an MD at once.(Or an E-R room tomorrow. ) You have given adjectives the classic symptoms of a break! And you do not want to have it self set in that condition.
u could try getting an x-ray may be and if u consistency the bone in a diffrent position or if u cant move it
You'd know it if it were broken. You might have a fracture however. Get an Xray done
Thank 4 your help.
Yes, sorry -- it could be broken. The singular way to tell is to jump get an x-ray. Take care of yourself! Hope you treat up soon, kiddo. Source(s):…

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