Co-codamol and amoxicillin, can I run them together??

I was prescribed them at the same surgery but by different doctors, I forgot to ask if I can help yourself to them together and now the pharmacy will be shut all weekend. I lost the flier that came with the amoxycillin (daft, I know) and looked-for to know if I can take the two together. Thanks.
Yes, you should be okay.
Amoxicillin is an antibiotic and Co-codamol is a pain-killer - they shouldn't interact with each other. Assuming you've taken them since (separately) and not had a reaction, you should be fine.

Also, even though you saw a different doctor, he/she should hold read your notes and seen that you have been prescribed the first drug before prescribing the second. Source(s): I'm not a doctor, but I give somebody a lift a lot of prescribed drugs.
yes it will be fine co-codamol is a anguish killer that is paracetamol next to codine and amoxicillin is an antibiotic they are fine to take togther as i was on the both of late 2 weeks ago from my gp he said i could take them both togther. hope this helps :)
Yes it is fine to take both as when the doctors bring your medical database up on there computer they see what drugs you are taking and they prescribe from that. so relax and get in good health soon. luv Julie
There is no interaction between the 2 drugs, however I wouldn't recommend co-codamol for anything and had not prescribed them for years. They are individual 5% more potent than paracetamol, but are addictive, cause constipation, headache and abdominal pain. Stick to paracetamol. Most race that take regular co-codamol do so more because they feel edgy lacking them, due to mild withdrawal effects, rather than because they are a worthy pain killer! Source(s): GP for more years than I vigilance to remember
It is impeccably safe to take them both together, i enjoy been prescribed both by gp many times. Oh & go and get well soon.
According to the blurb it should be fine as there are rarely any contra-indications.
Why not enjoy a look online - you will be able to find the document you have lost!
As a binding chronic pain sufferer myself, I have taken those abundant moons ago, and was fine like the other reply near are no listed contraindications of one to the other.

I have also researched frequent or prolonged use of antibiotics, and they can, surrounded by some cases lead to symptoms of pain contained by and of themselves.

Don't use antibiotics unless absolutely necessary is my guidance, like the doc says paracetemol or another first row analgesic to help with the symptoms for mild infection, is nearly as fitting as co-codamol, and personally I let my body skirmish of the infection itself.

If you have been given it for a tooth problem, that's a intact different story then..
Hope you're feeling better soon.

PS doc,

I bear Tramadol at max dose, and dihydrocodeine at max dose every day, and I understand the latter are metabolized into superior levels of dihydromorphine. Would you personally ever prescribe these?
Yes. You shouldn't have any problems. The anti-biotics may upset you stomach and mute the absorption of the pain-killers a little.

Remember NHS Direct is available 24hrs a afternoon for advice if you need it. tel 08454647 or e-mail. Source(s):
They are often prescribed together if you hold a painful infection.
Just be sure to take the full course of Amoxicillin, merely use the painkiller Co-codamol when you need it and not with-in 4 hours of a previous dose.
Avoid alcohol whilst taking any of these and if you are on the pill take extra precautions, as anti-biotics can stop the pill working properly.
Get well soon! Source(s): care-worker
Yes you can take them both together, though with the co-codamol gross sure you dont have an allergy to codeine. With the amoxicillin, take it if you dont enjoy an allergy to penicillin as amoxicillin is a derivative.
The reason you are able to lift them both is that Co-codamol is an analgesia (pain relief) and Amoxicillin is an antibiotic to kill infection. The two can work well together.
May i please advocate though, if you are travelling abroad, check about taking the co-codamol next to you, as some countries - i know of Saudi Arabia - that does not allow codein based drugs into the country. I dont know if it is because codeine breaks down in the liver as morphine over a time. Source(s): Researched during continuous nursing/medical studies/practical experience.
You can lug cocodamol and amox at the same time with no potential complications.Amox is an oral penicillin(U r not allergic to it,accordingly prescribed I assume) and co-codamol is codeine+paracetamol(for pain-relief).Generally,its better to have cocodamol on a full stomach;cocodamol acts for 4hrs u may own to take that more frequently or as told by ur GP.And taking a multivitamin rich in B complex would lend a hand take care of tiny side effects that amox may do..Get well soon! Source(s): Am a doctor-Gynae
Ask your pharmacist. They are far more educated than G.Ps in my experience.
Co codamol is a distress killer ... amoxcillin is an antibiotic and I take both together next to no ill effects. Just remember that paracetamol is a poison if you overdose so be careful to follow the dosing instructions and also to finish the full course of antibiotics even if you start to surface better.
yes but not too many co-codamol they have codiane contained by them
Yes its fine.

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