Witch side is your appendix on?

Your appendix is on the right. However, it's not uncommon for younger associates to experience pain from an inflammed appendix on the left as resourcefully (something most people don't know). If you were suffering from an inflammed appendix you would most specifically know it. You'd be in a lot of backache, be feeling quite under the weather, and may have a slight fever.

Hope this help. :-) Source(s): I'm a premed major
Your lower right side of your abdomen.
it is on the right side of your belly.
it'z own yeur wright siyd.
no clue Source(s): no clue
The right
Your appendix is located within the right lower quadrant of your abdomen. It is where your small and sizeable intestines join.
right side
i regard right?
Right. Note that an inflamed appendix would really really hurt. The solely thing more painful would be a kidney stone. Source(s): I've have a kidney stone.
right hand site Source(s): dr told me
You might not like the pictures, but the website below shows the appendix and all its details :-)

Pain can come from the other side though if it is infected. If you hold pain going from one side to the other, fever, and vomiting please run to your local ER. Source(s): http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/im…
Yours is on the right side.

Mine is no longer on any side.
Right . Same side as your liver and gall bladder.
The broomstick side.
The appendix is very low on the right side. I've hear a way to locate it is to stick your right thumb in your belly button and put your pinkie on your right hip bone. Your third finger will be at the location of the appendix.
lower right abdomen

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